DNA's Extensive Trade Thread

Here is a list of all items collected and available for trade. Last updated 1/21/15, missing latest batch of grinded pistols/new legendaries from past 2 weeks. Working on updating

My current ISO (all Lvl 60):

Nice purp luneshined splitters/lazers

Lvl 60 Purple Collection Completed (took forever and with the help of another forum member):

Shotty Purple Beauties:

Casual Ravager 5627x18 (Luneshine 30% ignore shields)
Huntin Quad 5011x18 (Luneshine 30% ignore shields)
Texas Quad 5333x18 (Luneshine 30% ignore shields)
Rustlers Coach Gun 5359x15 (Luneshine 30% ignore shields)
Doc’s Coach Gun 5279x13 (Luneshine 30% ignore shields)
Doc’s Quad 5413x18 (Luneshine 30% ignore shields)

Vengeful Anarchist corrosive (12.8 fire rate)
Rightsizing Fatale (30% Ignore Enemy Shields)
Hefty IVF (Luneshine 30% ignore shields)
Stopping Torrent Corrosive (Luneshine +3% Max Shields)
Celestial Doppelganger (Crit Dmg 40%, Elemental Dmg 39%)
Deep Major Tom Shock (Luneshine 30% Ignore shields)
Cowboy Hammer Buster II (Luneshine 1o2 damaging enemies)
Rigorous Kaboom (Luneshine 30% ignore Shields)
Rugged Mongol Explosive (Luneshine 30% ignore shields)
Rugged Mongol Corrosive (Luneshine 30% ignore shields)
Rugged Mongol Fire (Luneshine 30% ignore shields)
Puissant Cryophobia (Luneshine 30% ignore shields)
Derp Nukem Explosive (Luneshine 30% ignore shields)
Rugged Berrigan (cryo)
Moscovites Berrigan (explosive)
Fwap a Nukem
Ferocious Shredifier Shock (10% Crit Hit Dmg)
Hard 88 Fragnum
Sidewinder Striker (Luneshine 5% Grenade Damage Bonus)
Resolute Anarchist Shock
Horse Hammer Buster II
Scalable Viral Marketer
Critical Viral Marketer
Social Viral Marketer
Contingent Invader (Corrosive)
Impetuous Flakker (12942x3)
Two for Maggie (3005x10)
Fashionable Magma
Gentlemans Magma
Banbury Magma (luneshine -20% o2 consumption)
Double Penetrating 88 Fragnum (2842x8)
Intense 88 Fragnum (3330x5)
Zarpadons Cyber Eagle
Staring Cry Baby (Cryo)
Action 54s-r (shock)
Earnes T4s-r (fire)
Sparkling Boxy Gun (shock)
Tobys Bright Spadroon (shock)
Thick Roguemada (explosive)
Sticky Longbow Quasar (fuse 2.1)
Longbow Bonus Package (43983x10, Fuse 0.00)
Sticky Homing Bouncing Bazza (Fuse 0.9)
Grounded Black Hole (Immune Shock)
Fabled Tortise
Sunny Party Line (fire) (3513x5)
Swift Ice Scream (cryo)
Ol Painful
Explosive Kiss of Death
The Cradle
Pointy Zim
Voltaic Ack Ack
Moonlight Saga

Earnest Logans Gun


Unending Anarchist
Dva Anarchist (corrosive)
Purging Anarchist (corrosive)
Unending Anarchist (fire)
Resolute Anarchist (Shock)
Righteous Anarchist (Shock)

Lvl 50:

Rocket Launchers:

Clever Badaboom (Fire)
Kiwk-Smart Badaboom (Luneshine -20% 02) (Explosive)
Kwik-Change Badaboom (Fire) (Luneshine Damage Enemies restores 1 02)
Fiddle dee Nukem (100253 Dmg/7.3 Reload/4 Mag) (Explosive)
Clever Thingy (Corrosive) (17844 Damage/5.3 Reload/9 Mag)
Heaped Badaboom (Cryo) (18689x6)
Rugged Mongol (Electric) (27540/Reload 3.7/6 Mag)


Critical Viral Marketer (Corrosive)
Critical Viral Marketer (Corrosive) (Luneshine 5% grenade damage)
Sledges Shotty (1616x11) (Luneshine 3% Max Shields)
Sledges Shotty (1644x11)
Desperate Flakker (Explosive) (5021x3/Reload 4.6/Mag 13)
Potent Flakker (4928x3) (Luneshine 30% Ignore Shields)
Juicy Flakker (5207x3)
Casual Flakerx5 (Luneshine 10% crit bonus)


Explicit 88 Fragnum (Luneshine 30% ignore shields)
Crammed 88 Fragnum (1228x5)
Thrusting 88 Fragnum (1228x5)
Hard 88 Fragnum (1303x5)
Increased Zim (Cryo) (3012 Damage/3.4 Reload/151 Mag)
Twin Blowfly (Corrosive)
Two for Maggie (1225x10) (Luneshine 10% Crit Bonus)
Two For Maggie (1248x10) (Luneshine 3% Max Shields)
Peppy Shooterang (Corrosive) (2882 Damage) (Luneshine 30% Ignore Shields)
Win-Win Logans (Fire) (2266 Damage/98.5% Accuracy/2.0 Reload/20 Mag)
Maximized Logans Gun (Fire) (1844 Damage/98.5 Accuracy/2.2 Reload/28 Mag)
Dynamic Logans (Fire) (1808 Damage) (Luneshine -20% 02 Rate)
Two for one Shooterang (3379x2) (Luneshine 3% Max Shields)


Sublime Magma (Fire)
Bolshy Longnail (Electric) (2489 Damage)
Bolshy Longnail (Corrosive) (2489 Damage)
Resource Invader (2832 damage)
Hyiu Skullsmasher (2530 x6)


Avalanche (Cryo, 9549 Capacity/8734 Roid/5165 Nova/5635 Spike)
Alkaline Avalance (Immune Corrode) 6364/15120 Roid/25920 Nova/5635 Spike)
Reogenator (Capacity 3549/Delay 1.65/Elemental Res +86%/ Heath 7114)
Sham (4118 Capacity/1.82 Delay/94 % Absorb)
Sham (4557 Capacity/1.41 Delay/80% Absorb)
Prismatic Bulwark (7932 Capacity/2.08 Delay/76% Laser Absorb/28.5% Laser Damage/27.5 Laser Res)
Supernova (Fire) (10011 Capacity/2.73 Delay/19769 Nova Damage/ 2018 Nova Radius)
Alkaline Big Thumper (Corrosive Immune) (10704 Capacity/11.06 Delay/12866 Roid)
Kala (Electric Immune) (Capacity 10704/4.62 Delay/30% Absorb All Fire)
Whisky Tango Foxtrot (15325 Capacity/6.72 Delay/15.6% Booster Chance)
Grounded Shooting Star (Electric Immune) (6364 Capacity/10.46 Delay/15014 Roid Dmg)
Cradle (No immune stats )
Black Hole (Electric Immune)


Longbow Storm Front (8030 damage/700 Radius/0.00 Timer)
Longbow Quasar (14205 damage/701 Radius/0.00 Timer)
Longbow Pandemic (8030 Damage/700 Radius/0.00 Fuse)
Sticky Homing Cyro Leach (711x6/84 Radius/1l8 Fuse) (2935 cyro dmg per sec)
Sticky Homing Bonus Packagex10 (Explosive) (16482x9/415 Radius/2.3 Fuse)
Nasty Surprise (Cryo) (12352x4/369 Radius/2.1 Fuse)
Nasty Surprise (Shock) (10951x4/369 Radius/2.1 Fuse)
Rolling Thunder (14205 x10/500 Radius/0.00 Fuse)
Sticky Homing Bouncing Bazza

02 Kits:

Acidic Moonlight Saga (Corrosive) (2.5% life steal/60 Health Regen/35372 Slam)
Eddie (Explosive) (180 O2/Shield 2695/Laser 27.7%/Air 163%/Slam 42446)
Artic Ack Ack (180 O2/5.9 Stack/7.3 Reload Stack/35372 Slam)
Artic Support Relay (168 O2/.16% Damage Stack/35372 Slam)

Smgs/Assault Rifles

Proactive Fatale (Cryo) (Luneshine 30% Ignore Shields)
Proactive Fatale (Cryo)
Social Fatale (Cryo) (Luneshine 10% Crit Damage)
Onslaught Major Tom (Fire) (Luneshine Bonus XP)
Skewering Shredifier (Luneshine 30% Ignore Shields)
Quality IVF (Fire) (Luneshine +3% Max Shields)
Corporate IVF (Cryo) (Luneshine 5% Grenade Damage)
Stopping Torrent (Electric) (Luneshine 10% Crit Bonus)
Stopping Torrent (Luneshine 10% Crit Bonus)
Stopping Torrent (Electric) (Luneshine 30% Ignore Shields)
Stopping Torrent (Corrosive) (Luneshine 30% Ignore Shields)
Stopping Torrent (Fire) (Luneshine 30% Ignore Shields)
Hefty IVF (Fire) (1555 Damage)
Onslaught Major Tom (2038x3)
Deadshot Hammer Buster 2 (4708 Damage/Fire Rate 18.7/Reload 3.3/13 Mag)
Rapid Shredifier (Corrosive) (1860 Damage)
Hellfire (Luneshine)
Hellfire (Luneshine Shields)
Hellfire (Luneshine XP)
Redbellys Black Snake


Cat O Nine Tails ( Fire) (Luneshine 3% Max Shields)
Rosie Shock
Rosie Cryo
Rosie Fire

Class Mods:

Celestial Enforcer
Celestial Gladiator
Celestial Lawbringer
Celestial Doppelganger

Wilhelm 60 / Jack 60 / Claptrap 60 / Athena 60 / Nisha 60

My TPS PS3 Trade Thread

Siren OP8 / Commando OP8 / Mechromancer OP8 / Psycho OP8 / Assassin: OP8 / Gunzerker OP8

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Alrighty, so you’re looking for level 60 purple quality lasers with moonshine effects, and the rest of the stuff you’re listing is available for trade. Any in particular that you’re needing?

Nothing really specific in mind, just splitters with moonshine. All that I listed is available for trade. Ill do a bit more research on lasers, but if you have a few you can show me that would help!

This is the type of laser/splitter I am looking for!

I think I’ll buy it… Do u trade for it?