Do 115% while gammaburst and 50% radiation ASE stack

as the title says

if i use a gammburst annointed weapon
should i use shield and grenade with cryo and for fire/shock/corrosion
cryo and radiation?

if i remember right the 50%ase have to be different types of dmg because they dont stack, right ?

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The ase won’t kick in until after your gamma burst anyway, so it doesn’t matter what you use.

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But you’re right that the same elements wont stack if you have shock ASE on a weapon and shock ASE on a grenade or shield.

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thx for your answer :slight_smile:

yea i know that the 50% start after gammaburst but they do run for 10s
with some weapons for example the brainstormer its possible to get gammburst running again before the 50% expire …even if its 5 seconds but if i can get a little more dmg out of my build i will use it :smiley:

Oooh I see. I’m not sure then lol. I usually just run with the gamma burst and I have ASE shock on shields with ASE incendiary on my grenade. Usually I have to wait 5-7ish seconds after gamma burst is done and then it’s up again.

I would assume by the wording that the radiation bonus during gamma burst along with the ASE radiation wouldn’t stack though

The “50% Elemental Damage on Next 2 Mags” and other Weapon elemental anointments (like Gamma Rad, SNTL Cryo) will stack with the grenade/shield 50% elemental anointments, no matter the element. That’s because they’re different anointments.

What can’t stack is having the same elemental anointment on both your grenade and shield. 50% Rad for 10s is a different anointment than 50% Shock for 10s and both are different anointments than anything that can spawn on a weapon.

50% Rad for 10s won’t stack with another 50% Rad for 10s because they are the same anointment and therefore can’t be proced for double/two instances.


thx for your detailed explanation :slight_smile:

Great thread. I’d been wondering about this for a while. Now I know more about what to look for in anointment combos.

You can use the anoint “grant 1 more Rakk charge” to gain the effect of ASE even if you’re in GB. You just need to switch to a gun with the extra charge anoint and then switch back to a gun with GB anoint. It will proc the ASE effect^^

Yeah I heard about that and have tried it out. I just feel like its cheating the system lol. Though, admittedly, if I’m getting my ass handed to me by a boss then I’ll use it :-/

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Fake cast gamma also works. Aim for the sky then cast, aim at ground and cast. 115% rad for gamma. 10 seconds of 50% rad and corrosive. I use this and have no problem soloing woton with gamma but cutsman with ase anointments are just unfair against him with fl4k on any build. His damage output is virtually the same as amaras