Do Anointed bonuses from weapon and shield stack?

If I had an Anointed weapon and and anointed shield with the +200% Damage after a phaseslam, would that give a 400% bonus?

If not, would different bonuses both apply?


Really good question.

I suspect both bonus apply…
The real question here is, do they multiply or add up?! :open_mouth:

In Diablo they multiply hahah

i believe it depends on the buff. I don’t know if multiple “extra charge of rakk attack” abilities stack but I really hope they do. That would be extremely fun. I know some bonuses are only applied while you are holding the weapon.

Extra rakk charges definitely stack. I’ve had 6 at one time before. 2 standar ,1 from augment, 1 shield, 1 weapon, 1 from Rakk Commander COM.