Do any anointments work in FFYL?

Seems like most buffs go away in FFYL. If it’s an anointment like on action skill end, I can see how the buff wouldn’t work (but maybe it should if you die within the time frame?) But what if it’s something like “while enemies are below 25% health, +50% weapon damage”? Seems like it should in FFYL? Not easy to test I suppose. Just seems like in FFYL even skills don’t work anymore.

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Im interested in this too. Active kill skills seem to end on Ffyl which is suuuper annoying!

I’ve frozen enemies while in FFYL with no other source of cryo damage except for the “50% bonus cryo damage on ASE” anointment on my shield. So that suggests that (some?) anointments activated prior to going down continue into FFYL rather than immediately going away.

We need to get doc strangelove or moustangman to give us some info!

I noticed that the special effects on the lucky 7 reset back to none if you go into ffyl. Not sure about annointments, but it could be that some work and some don’t

The ASE anoints seem to work. I definitely get the ASE damage bonus form the elemental and weapon when getting downed as Zane and my barrier disappears

I never go into FFYL.


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