Do Attack Speed + Reload Speed Items Exist?

Been opening UPR packs for a while now and haven’t found one yet. Just wanted to know if they are out there?

ive seen like reload and get attack speed +XX for 5-10sec but i dont think it actually exist

is a good guide to look at. Factions have certain loot stats, Eldrid will never have +shield things for example. Peacekeepers will not have “Peacekeeps: Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Skill Damage and Critical Hit Damage”

This helps a lot. Looks like ima be grinding those LLC packs!

I have a searchable gear list compiled from data mining and I can confirm there are no Attack Speed + Reload Speed items with either Attack Speed or Reload Speed as the major stat.

Attack Speed minor stats:

  • Maximum Health (Eldrid Epic, Eldrid Uncommon, Talon of the Hawk)
  • Critical Hit Damage (Jennerit Epic, Jennerit Uncommon, Vow of Zealous Fury)
  • Maximum Shield Strength (LLC Epic, LLC Uncommon, Orbital Tracking Spike)
  • Movement Speed (Rogue Epic, Rogue Uncommon, Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr)
  • Attack Speed (Rare)
  • Skill Damage (Caldarius: Blade of Transfusion)
  • Cooldown Time (Deande: Fan of Retreat)

Reload Speed minor stats:

  • Attack Damage (Benedict: “Air Mail” AGM Loader, Mellka: Mutated Magazines, Vyn’s Quiver)
  • Recoil Reduction (Whiskey Foxtrot: Galahadric Gun Grease)
  • Health Regeneration per Second (Eldrid Epic, Eldrid Uncommon)
  • Shield Recharge Delay (LLC Epic, LLC Uncommon)
  • CC Duration (Rogue Epic, Rogue Uncommon)
  • Shield Penetration (Peacekeepers Epic, Hidden Charger, Peacekeepers Uncommon)
  • Critical Hit Damage (Mag Daemon)
  • Damage Reduction Veil Breaker Rounds)
  • Reload Speed (Rare)

Note: Legendaries also have a unique function as well but none of those fit the combination you were after I’m afraid.