Do aussie servers exist?

Is there australian servers? Been playing since release nothing but red bars, its not fair at all cant play half of the heroes. Has anyone had luck with aussie servers?

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Dont think theres any
I can get into games but always experience error trains.

well I’m in usa on xbox one and I could literally leave my game on all day trying to connect to a multiplayer match and I wouldn’t likely ever get in one… I’m most concerned with why this issue isn’t even addressed seriously on a game that demands a online connection… I let it slip first couple days but now this is just pathetic for gearbox… most budget spent my ass… borderlands connected way better and wasn’t even focused on online or had the same beta tests available. wtf is the deal seriously…

Sure of it, its a joke like honestly for such s well developed game maker/publisher how can they not get that one thing right, otherwise its a fun game

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there needs to be something done about it now or atleast let us no if there doing something about it its not right that we cant play because of were we live

They have said they exist but I am yet to see an Australian IP address in my connection log other than when I play with mates. Lag is still a major issue in PVP and the barrage of missed attacks and stream of WTF deaths continues from the beta. TBH if you want fluent PVP on a very simliar format without the lag try Overwatch. Previously I wasn’t an Overwatch fan due to its lack of … well everything (no lore, no PVE etc) but I have to admit what there is of Overwatch, it is polished, complete and functional. Either that or play the Battleborn PVE to death lol

During Open Beta, I had no issues with lag at all, but every game I play now I can’t get higher than red. As others have said everything else runs fine on my net. I love BB so much, but this has been dissapointing it’s getting old playing with very high lag. PS4 Australia here.

The red bar life kills this game. If they cant do anything about this then they are going to lose all their southern hemisphere customers

Yes. I’m in Melbourne and always playing at full green bars. Sometimes I queue on Singapore servers with a friend, and I still play at 3 bars but sometimes 2 bars, which is still very much playable. I also play on PC.

Thats because there is servers for pc but not fir console… we are always getting american or uk games which is really unplayable at times… with upto .5 second bullet delays which can really gamw breaking at times

I play on PC and have full green bars all the time, but I still experience massive lag spikes even in private campaign mode (no it’s not my internet, I’m on a 100/10 connection). Enemies teleporting, abilities not activating when I want them to, and weapons not actually firing (no animation or sound) but still depletes the ammo pool. Playing a Marquis having these issues makes it almost impossible to play… I think I’m just about done with it unless they fix the issues, and if they don’t, it is the last gearbox game I purchase.

Hey, @Hewge, please don’t insult people based on the platform they use. Post removed.

Platform wars are dull, pointless, and we don’t allow them here.

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I live in Perth and all I get is Red Bars too… have never had anything higher. Sucks so bad. Games pretty much unplayable in PvP and Co-op Missions, enemies get such an advantage.

Agree. Playing on PS4 and getting red bars here too in Australia (Perth). I find the game playable, but I do get spikes of rubberbanding that can really mess me up and often result in my death or a team-mate’s death.

Co-op is working fine, but PVP is taking a huge hit for me- I’m not the best PVPer but I am decent, I think. I notice my hits not connecting sometimes and I find it difficult to land KOs because of the lag. Auto-aim leads me astray too because of the delay. I find myself having to constantly play hard support to be of help, by healing or buffing. It doesn’t help I get barely any score for doing said support role or for minion kills, (which is all I can do) so most of the time, looking at the end score (which is close to the lowest) I feel useless (even if I’m not, and I usualy get most of the minion kills shards and buildables and have decent match wins etc).

But if I hit a skill at the same time as another player, 9 out of 10 times theirs connect and mine are too slow. For example, Benedict is nigh-unplayable for me. He’s a hard character made 100 times worse by the lag–I miss constantly with all his skills. Only time I’ve got 0 kills was with him. Whisky Foxtrot is similar; I want to, but I can’t even play them.

The worst part is, US team-mates don’t get it or notice. Sometimes I send friend requests to good teams I’ve grouped with before – teams where we had good synergy etc, but I notice I often get ignored. Instead, today, I got someone giving me pretty snarky ‘advice’ on how not to suck so bad. Keep in mind, we won by a significant margin and again I got the second highest minion kills, built giant minions constantly, etc, but all the person saw was my low KO count and therefore I must suck. The attitude really was terrible. Even if I wasn’t lagging-- which I was (all red bars)-- not everyone can get 10+ kills a game, and the entire point of Meltdown is minion kills.

Anyway sorry for the rant, it’s just such a downer to a game I pre-ordered and bought the season pass for, and really enjoy otherwise. Some in-between servers in Asia or Australia would be so great, and are needed.

In the meantime, I hope I can find a kind, decent team understanding of my lag out there somewhere.


not having AUS servers is making me angry :rage:

I hoped that GB and 2K would have had more respect for us and our market after everything 2K Australia had done. Clearly not.

Just downloaded the Overwatch Beta… Okay I think i’m converted. Think i’m taking back Battleborn, playing the Beta. Get Doom then play till Overwatch. Playing Battleborn with lag is just ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong, OW is great. It’s a fun game, it’s a great game, and it does what it’s supposed to really well. But it’s not Battleborn. There’s lots of little things that bring me back to BB. I prefer the MOBA aspect. OW just isn’t meaty enough for me, as a game. Whereas feel I can play BB for days; and I love option of the co-op aspect (which is still playable for me). I also enjoy the characters more and the humor of BB tickles me. I feel like OW takes itself too seriously. I also feel the community is kinda toxic over there-- a lot of them have it in for Battleborn for some unfathomable reason, seen comments like ‘I hope it dies,’ etc. You don’t have to play it, but gleefully planning it’s demise? I don’t get it, because there’s obviously room for both, and OW has much more money and publicity behind it. I love our Blizzard overlords as much as the next person, but I prefer to go for the underdog and BB is definitely the underdog, here. It’s a great game that really deserves to succeed.

That said, I want to be able to play without being a micro-second behind everybody, so then I can find out if i’m just a terrible player or not. Hah.

That said, it’s been less than a week since launch, so I’m not going to bail immediately. I mean, I want to give them a chance to at least address it. It’s very early days and setting up a server takes time, and they’d need to patch it for consoles (I think), and I imagine Gearbox has its hands full right now with a variety of aspects and problems and such. Moreover, maybe AU sales are probably not great enough to merit our own server, which is why I hope they at least start using some of the ones near us in the meantime.

I’m just going to play co-op and support for now, and I hope they get around to it as soon as they can, and don’t ignore us.