Do Battleborn a favor and put a Starter Edition out

I’ve waited the last days around 30min for each game (EU, Download Region Netherlands, 18:00) to start. And even the playerbase is shrinking when you look at steam charts. I know that this may be not the exact number but it’s a good indicator what’s going on at Battleborn.

I think that a Starter Edition would help the game to get a growing playerbase.

For example:

  • Free To Play forever but with a Level cap of 10 - 20 [Hero Level 5-8)
  • Let them play the first two or three campaign missions
  • Don’t change the leveling progress (like Rainbow Six Siege did)
  • No skin or taunt drops via loot packs
  • But let them test every multiplayer map and queue with non F2P players
  • Give people a discount if they played to the max. level or a min. amount of hours.

Just a suggestion i’ve discussed with some friends and i decided to post it here to give you maybe a nudge into the right direction.

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I will counter your suggestion with this. Work the next 5 years of your life and dont get paid for it. This isn’t a free game. It had over a million try the the beta and as it gets refined, with more expensive development cost, word will spread and people will come back.

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I didn’t said to make the complete game F2P. I just said that they should consider a starter edition. Like a demo for free and my guess is that people won’t come back if nothing gets done in the next weeks.

My point is the beta did that already. People who were on the fence will come as issues they had are resolved

Or go off and play one of several new fps moba’s coming out soonish.

Not everyone played beta. The game needs new players. Any sort of free or cheap trial version would help. And it doesn’t come across fixing issues, just as fixing issues doesn’t automatically attract all potential players and those who left. How do they even know that their issues were fixed? How could you fix issue of long waiting times without increasing playerbase?

By loot crates you mean loot packs right? That other game has crates.

1-2mill players is pretty small. Plus the game wasn’t marketed that well so I would say a good chunk of gamers didn’t even hear about the open beta AND it was only a few days. So yea, a limited f2p system would probably benefit the game. Although I would say the people who paid for the game should get some benefits before hand.

There are already multiple f2p threads out there

That is one you can continue the topic in

Oh didn’t knew that there was a thread with a similar idea. Should’ve searched for f2p.