Do beam lasers get explosive damage from Coincidental Combustion?

I haven’t found any answers to this question so far. Blasters get noticeable bonus damage from CC, but beam lasers apparently do not? That’s my assumption at the moment, after some quick testing on the battlefield. Thoughts? Definitive answers?

Yes, it should work. You should see the yellow explosive #s pop up from time to time. Just tried it with both a shock and cryo beam weapon and they both worked fine. Not sure what else to tell you though.

Yes, they do, but damage does not increase with continuous damage bonus.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll have to try this again. It seemed that a purple ionizing blaster was way more damaging than a same-level Vibra-Pulse in Clappy’s hands when I tried comparing them. Maybe it had more to do with which enemies I was killing with each. Anyway, good to know the facts.