Do BL's games reward poor playing?

Does anyone know if the weapon drop algorithm in game, chests, bosses, etc. varies in relation to items and money already held, and death rate?

As it seems to me that the more money, and good guns, I acquire. And the fewer times I die in a session the less cool loot I see.

Thus I might be rewarded better if I played like Vaughn…

This could be just chance but I’m asking to get a reality check. I noticed it in BL2 as well.

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To the best of my knowledge Borderlands has never done so. I think you’re just suffering from confirmation bias.


Sounds a bit like a tin foil hat theory. I almost never die and I’m at 99,999,999 cash and still get an occasional goodie. Loot is subjective though so what I think is good might not be to someone else. I get 2-4 legendary from graveward, 1-3 from gigamind, and 2-4 from agonizer most of the time. I have 12% luck in guardian rank and I dont wear any luck relics.

P.s. you’re supposed to give claptrap the tin foil hat.



So you are experts on the math then?

12% luck?


I get drops a lot. But I also play on mayhem 3. Sooo…might factor in. Get about 4-8 every Heck Hole run.

Never noticed it in any BL game. Drop rates were harsh in 1 and 2.

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Yeah Mayhem 3 certainly drops more loot. But how often do you just say… ‘Not the legendary I want, not the anointment I’m looking for, what a crap shield. Or I’ve already got that…’

The question is about whether anyone knows if the algorithm is weighted beyond pure rng, and not me stating a tin conviction…

Its all subjective, as they’re all mainly world drops, odds are game thinks the loot is equally as valuable aside from the scores… stopped farming bosses as obviously their rates have been dropped… i can spend the same amount of time nuking slaughtershaft @ 80% more loot. Faster the kills the more it drops (something to do with the guardian rank luck ability). Major plus that i dont have to quit n restart every time

I think it’s just the amount of loot possible with the amount of annoitments possible, it’s difficult to get exactly what you want. I’d say roll 40 dice and hope they all roll a single number and that’s about your chances of getting exactly what you want. There’s actually an equation to figure out your chances but You’d need to know the exact amount of legendaries with the amount of annoitments. I’d bet it’s around 1 in a million chance if you’re looking for one very specific gun, parts and everything.

If only…

Yeah the boss drop rates now, and the vaults in BL3, pretty appalling.

So in a sense people are rewarded more for play time vs skill…

Can’t wait for dedicated drops with more fast travel options. And I really hope they offer anointed weapon drops with rgn variations for multiple farms…

I don’t find it all that bad. Really…if thenissue is specific legendary drops, or specific anointment drops, then yea…its a bit harder.

Sure 90% of legendary drops I ignore. But I also have 100+ saved between bank and characters. Now is just the grind for a perfect one.

I’ll never understand this statement. In all previous titles getting a legendary was EXTREMELY rare. Most badasses in Slaughter Shaft drop 1-2 legendaries, even after a nerf.

BL1, BL2, TPS were at a 10. BL3 at launch was at 1000, so they nerfed it to 500. Fake numbers but that’s the jist of it. The numbers are lower than at launch but still way, way higher than past titles.

definitely booted up some bl2 the other night and didnt see a legendary after a few hours just murderizing everyone with Sal. Maybe I shot the legendaries too.

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That’s pretty much always true for an RNG looter game.

I don"t know which version of Bl2 you were playing. But farming for top-tier build synergistic weapons was far easier and less hindered by swarms of unvarying canon fodder.

FYI I mentioned drop rate - e.g. blues, purples and the occasional orange.

While loot drops are most likely associated with your total playtime

I’d be extremely hard pressed to believe it’s based off your character skill, items, etc. That’s WAY too much coding to do.

If Mayhem 3 is being cruel, jump to Mayhem 1.

Methinks it’s the difficulty interfering with your perception of drops

Borderlands 2 has a horrible drop rate lol

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go farm two max level DP Harolds. Go ahead. get back to me when you are done.

In BL2 DPUH are easy both to farm from vending machines in DLC and from Savage Lee?

Got them at OP levels over and over again.

Try a Flying Shock Sandhawk for Maya in OP BL2 … now thats OTT…

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Re drop rate mathematics…

Does anyone actually know?

Nowhere am I stating anything as fact.

I’m interested to know the formula more as that’s just more strategy at my disposal…