Do both split screeners need the DLC?

I was hoping to play with my young daughter. Does she also need to buy the DLC? If so, that’s a bummer

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Wondering the same thing, started the game up looking to play with my wife and it won’t let us play because it says she doesn’t have the content. This is literally the only game that I’ve purchased DLC for that is like this, so if this is how it is supposed to be I guess I’m going to have to try and get a refund from Microsoft, because I play exclusively split-screen with her.

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That’s my question too. My husband has the SP bought on his Live account, we are playing slip-screen co-op on an Xbox One, but I seem to be locked out of accessing Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion with him, nor on why own without him being logged in. I’m not paying double for DLC. If this is intended, I’m done with Gearbox.

I bought it for my daughter because she was very excited to play with me. But then I saw this thread that suggests that she shouldn’t have had to buy it (I have the season pass but she does not: DLC Story Missions and Split screen?). I hope that they’ll refund me (I made a support ticket) for buying her the first DLC

Yeah, just found replies on the Reddit for BB that say it’s intended and you have to each buy the DLC. Well, bye bye Battleborn. And we’ll be saying no thanks to any future Gearbox games too. Wow, I’m am so devastated by this. What were you thinking GB? Oh, I know, “we can make more money by screwing the players over and making them each buy a SP” that’s what you were thinking. I sincerely hope this blows up in your faces.

same thing as with the dlc characters. you buy the season pass you have the characters. the person you are playing with has not bought the season pass and therefore cannot use the characters. this is not the first nor the last game like that, none of you have played call of duty? if the person you were playing with didn’t have the map pack they could only que for the maps they had access to. if they do give you access you should be thanking them, not complaining that they might not have it.

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So has anyone tried it yet and know for sure? I haven’t got around to testing it yet.

Yeah, unfortunately this is going to be a deal breaker for me as well. I like the game and play split-screen with my son all the time. But if I have to buy double of all the DLCs just so we can continue playing together, that’s not going to happen.

Sorry Gearbox, but I’m out.

I don’t want to be insensitive, because everyone has different financial circumstances, but isn’t the DLC only $5? (I still have to finish patching before I can log in and buy it for myself)

Personally I’d buy it twice if I intended to play with someone - certainly cheaper than taking them to the movies :wink:


DLC characters and maps are different than story missions. Just look at the Borderlands games, as a precedent from the same developer. You did not have to buy the season pass/DLC twice to play co-op there. Also, no, I haven’t played Call of Duty and I don’t care to. I’m not thanking them for jack at this point, since they have put out a unpolished, nay, unfinished, glitchy, game that they keep delaying and delaying they then try and stick it to the fans that stuck it out and expect us to pay $40 MORE to keep playing after paying full price for a game that dropped it’s price mere weeks after it came out. It’s a joke with this new insult, so I’m not thanking anyone.

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It’s $20 for the Season Pass. So that’s $40 for two co-op players to purchase it. (It may be less on PS4 with the 700 Platinum second purchase, I haven’t cared to investigate that since we’re on Xbox and this has murdered any further interest in this game for us.)

I don’t have the season pass. I’m planning to buy the DLC separately, which I think is $5 an episode from memory. I could be wrong!

I just got to try it.

The split screen works. Start battleborn with the player that does not own the product. Start the map.

Voilà everyone plays battleborn operations. Stop hating battleborn for no reason


Yeah, but there’s 5 of them planned, so the Season Pass was the better deal to get them all given that you get the hero keys and skins etc. with them. (Which I didn’t really need either since I’ve already used credits to “buy” the three that are out and didn’t give a hoot about the skins.) Not giving you crap about it, just clarifying.

That is the sole reason for a season pass. You pay extra money upfront to support the developers and then they finish all the dlcs allowing you to get a “free” dlc.

I mean I hope that’s the case and I’m not drastically wrong .

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Your avatar is fitting.

Wait till you see this dlcs ride y’all!!

It’s gonna be like piddly and then you’re gonna be like “POW”

But really I bought the game and dlc on a digital copy. All my friends play with me, on their accounts, with no issue.

Also, you might want to view this post where I guess a 2K support advisor must have lied to a customer about the DLC not needing two SP’s to play Co-Op then too:

But yeah, I guess I’m just out of touch with reality.

No I’m playing with my brother on splitscreen right now. Only one of us bought the game.

It’s a non issue

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