Do bots battleborn count

towards lore and quests, because they have not been working for me

They do but based on what I’ve read there are some that doesn’t work.

They don’t count towards kill or assist against # of BB, nor do they count towards the main quests; you’ll need to do public PVP for those. They do count towards the other lore challenges like get # critical hits on enemy BB.

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Which is the bane of my existence since, until recently, most Ambra players were unkillable.

Bot Battle does count toward main quests except for the “Get 3 kills with an ultimate”. I only did that one in real PvP.

Those couple of public PvP matches will be the only ones I participate in if I can help it. Can´t stand it that people immediately start voting for surrender when the enemy has upper hand. Wish they removed that whole feature. Just suck it up and do your best until the end!