Do "bouncing betty" type of grenades proc vampyr / means of destruction

I don’t have one on hand but I know there are some purple grenades that when you throw them act like a bangarang and shoot bullets for a few seconds. Wondering if those bullets would work with Mozes skills ?

Trying to find an alternative to hex/stormfront/quasar

I think that with how things are atm, even though those bullets would benefit from grenade damage, they are not considered splash damage (unless they explode which I doubt they do) so they shouldn’t be able to to proc means of destruction.

From my testing, no, the bullets don’t proc MoD or Vampyr. Which is probably good, as that would put us in exactly the same situation we were just in.

I use the Epicentre and find it works well with Vampyr and MoD but I know the Firestorm is another option too. I believe they’re both world drops.

Yes. The current best grenade mod for MoD/Vampyr is probably the Tracker. It can spawn with cloning/mirv/bouncing and it’s absolutely insane on Moze. Pretty much as good as the pre nerf Hex. The best part is you can farm it easily at a vending machine. I got tons of them just by checking the vending machine before I killed Graveward.

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Epic grenade mods can spawn with a huge variety of effects. I have one that bounces, explodes on bounce, shoots bullets then streams of radiation then explodes into a mirv. I have another that explodes on bounce, goes into a singularity then rains down child grenades.

It’s all pretty hilarious.

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Yeah I’ve found some really nutty combinations too. The Tracker is the one I like specificially because it always spawns with homing which makes it sooo much more powerful and easy to use. And I’m sure there are even crazier mods out there that we haven’t even see yet, I’ve only been looking at them since the nerf.

Yeah i’m also now starting to collect purple grenade mods because they seem to be better than the legendary ones. I have one that when thrown, turns into two grenades, shoots bullets, causes a singularity, and then explodes. Pretty crazy.

Wow. I’ll have to start checking purple grenades, now.

something like this works pretty darn well
you get a total of 6 nades that usually bounce & detonate 2-3 times
not as good as hex was, but definitely worth checking the vendor for

I’m currently rolling with this:

I don’t use it for healing but it’s a fun grenade for general mobbing. Need to get my hands on a cloning tracker though. Can they come in elements?

I haven’t seen one in an element yet but that could just be bad luck on my part. Some other posters have said they have it in an element though.

LOL, I spent 12 hours farming Captain Traunt for StormFront…finally got it to drop and then they nerfed it.

I used it on Mayhem 3, with a 30% more grenade damage artifact and it was awful.

I too am looking for a solid alternative. I have the Firestorm but it seems to be bugged “indoors” as the flames don’t come from the sky and don’t seem to deal as much damage.