Do cats have the best stability out of all the animals?

So I’ve noticed that there are plenty of cats out there missing legs, but it never seems to bother them.
Here are a few videos of some unlucky cats that didn’t give up.

The second one uses his tail for balance, which is interesting. Cats do that anyway but not as much as this one, this shows that it evolved, overcoming the problem of its disability.
What I also find fascinating is the fact that they both look happy, unlike many healthy cats I know personally.
Anyways I was wondering If anyone else finds cats abilities of not giving up and making best of their lives incredible.

Cats in general are incredible. And their sense of balance is amazing. Their tails are a huge part of that reason. But even bobtailed cats have great balance.
The snow leopard, which lives on snowy mountain sides, has a tail that is as long as it’s body so it can balance on cliffsides.
As far as overcoming injuries like amputated legs, they can easily do. Where there’s a will there’s a way. And cats are very willfull.

The first one I think must have a difficult time getting around tho. His side balance looks really akward, and the fact that when he lifts one leg, he only has one leg on the ground. The second one hopped, but either way I like the fact that they are still living life like a normal cat. Another interesting story is about my neighbors cat, she is very small, and I think she has Dwarfism. They found her in a chicken factory of all places, she was feral. She is very chubby, BUT she is the deadliest animal I have ever seen! She is extremely clever, agile, fast, sneaky and her strategies in hunting fascinate me. Also it took her about 4 years to used to us and finally come to our house, even tho she lives right next to us. She is basically wild.

Watching cats hunt is fascinating. So quick yet absolutely silent. Like little ninjas.

Lol yeah, do u have a cat by any chance?

I have 3. They are pretty much my life.

Here’s my cat Brownie with her first catch ever. She’s been an indoor cat, for 6 years of her life, so I find it extraordinary that she was able to catch this the other day with such grace.
They never forget their natural instincts and I find it amazing.

That’s awesome man, i ain’t got a cat, but i have 2 cats pretty much living in my back garden. Anyway this topic must be interesting to you then, also how does one decide to have 3 animals that have instincts of a tiger?

It is awesome. However I am not much of a man :wink: But that dosnt matter. This topic does interest me! Pretty much everyone who has been on this forum for more than 2 months knows my absolute unhealthy obsession with cats. I could talk cats all day. :smile_cat:

In short, i am the crazy cat lady. For Saurons sake, I walk my cats on a leash. Who does that?!

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I just witnessed neighbors cat and some strange white cat eating baby pigeons in my back garden, this proves that they still listen to their instincts. Also that was quite sad.



That was quite funny. Most of those times it weren’t their faults though, it was the fact that they are furry and they were on a slippery ceramic surface.

I think tortoises are quite stable.

Ok, you are right. But only because they move at 1mph. and don’t go in unsafe places. Also if they get pushed over on their back, they are pretty much screwed.

Elephants are pretty stable, though I met one once that was totally unhinged and a degenerate gambler.

Is that supposed to be a reference to something?

A complex, ciphered allusion but not a reference. Never a reference.

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They’re stable when they’re not hyper and playing around at 5am.

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my cat is the most chill, laid back, animal hater you’ll ever meet. Loves people. I’ve seen him rip into the big old toms when they came around. He’s fixed. Also, he’s missing a chunk of his face that still won’t grow fur, but hell. Those other cats don’t come around anymore. He’s a hell of a mouser too. As for balance, I’ve seen him climb up the side of my refrigerator.

He is a true warrior