Do certain chests spawn random badass enemies

I am still a noob I’m asking this question because it happened to me.
I was looting a vertical loot cache jakobs. I find a dahl AR legendary. I turn around and a BA bruiser spawns alone to attack me. Although I just cleared the area prior to this encounter. Is this normal or a specific moment?

I never experienced this - occasionally a tink (or a badass wee loader in DLC1) would jump out of a container, but that sounds different from what you ran into.

Never seen one triggered by opening a loot container, just the Loot Tinks as CharmlessBee said. It’s possible that you had accidentally triggered an extra spawn while moving around to get to the container, or that it had spawned in stuck somewhere and had just got unstuck at that moment.

Okay maybe your right thnx.

Sometimes in the Casino DLC a loader will pop out of a container when opened,…

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There’s some chests in the swampy area of Jakobs estate that spawn enemies when opened

In the Ambermire too, IIRC there’s a dookie hut near where you meet up with Agent Dee where a goliath will always pop out of when you open it.

I was glad to see the return of wee loaders jumping out of boxes, but I wish their loot was better heh.


In addition to what others have said (DLC 1 wee loaders, the dookie hut), there’s a washing machine in Jakobs Estate-the last area with enemies before you fight Billy the Anointed. On the right hand side of that room near the stairs, a goliath will break through the wall, exposing a laundry room where there are a handful of machines. The second from the left will always spawn an enemy. Never drops anything though.

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