Do defense fighters actually work?

I have tested them but seemed to do nothing but hover around. Am I missing something?

They work on missiles instead of bullets now due to engine limitations.

Eh, good enough I guess. Although I haven’t seen them block missiles either. No, really.

A very good video of defense fighters in action. They seem like an equalizer against Vaygr to be honest.

So I can’t mix 'em with fighters and have them all protected anymore?

What crap!

Stupid HW2 lack of collision and RNG based engine.

Aaactually according to the post I linked the frigate stops both projectiles and missiles apparently (I’ll test now) so I don’t think it’s an engine limitation…

the frigate uses a temporary barrier that prevents damage in the HW2 engine.

It doesn’t deflect bullets just makes them not damage for a few seconds.

Tested them in a game just now. It’s a lot of micromanagement but WOW is it worth it. They allowed my tiny assault frig fleet to take on a frig fleet about twice its size without losing anything and a frig/destroyer fleet again, without losing anything.

My destroyer fleet was pretty much unstoppable as the field stops ion beams too. They are vulnerable to bombers/laser corvettes so have plenty of defenders on hand. I was able to have defense fields up 100% of the time too. These things are hilarious.