Do developers hate Amara?

I’ve noticed a serious bias to nerfing Amara and keeping all the other busted guys strong as hell. Like Zane and commitment and moze with Skag Den and short fuse. But they come after remnant and Amara’s fish slap which is one way for her to regain her lost single target damage. Nerfs because game breaker Amara can one shot things? Moze and a plaguebearer can one shot any boss with no immunity phase. Like come on guys.

Any thoughts? Amara has seen so many nerfs that she is now undoubtedly the worst character.

Any thoughts?


I agree with the premise that the Remnant change was unnecessary and it looks bad when other more blatant (probably) unintended interactions are ignored. But Idk if it’s a bias against Amara or anything so dramatic. Not saying you’re wrong but I never know what to think about the things Gearbox chooses to “address” and the many things that are broken and left untouched like so many skills.

Idk I get annoyed with nerfs but if Gearbox actually took a considerate holistic approach and fixed nonworking skills and buffed weak underutilized ones I would have no problem with things like this Remnant change or the Ties That Bind changes we saw a while back. But when characters are left unbalanced and have to lean on overpowered interactions to be viable, when those things are removed or nerfed it becomes a much bigger issue and I understand why so many people hate Gearbox for the nerfs. That wasn’t necessarily related to your post, just kinda rambling.

It seems to me that Amara is more utilized in taking out groups of enemies, especially with Ties That Bind (which I love doing). Do I feel her ability to take out bosses solo is weak? Yes. And that there almost always forces players to do a face puncher build (which I HATE). I would like to either see some rework of her purple tree, or make it where her skill elemental damage does more damage, or something else.
My current build is based around TTB and splash weapons and I love it, so much fun to play.

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My amara’s build ( splash frozen heart + phasecast / eternal fist) is very much unchanged after the adjustments to remnant. I don’t see it as a Nerf, it is a fix if the skill was never intended to work the way it did; however amaras’ need for a gun dmg buff is huge.
I feel like they should boost Wrath from 20/40% to 35/70%

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Character nerfs always hurt the worst, so hopefully Gearbox can earn back some goodwill from players by bringing some fixes and thoughtful buffs to character skills sometime in the near future. I’m not really sure why Remnant proccing from melee damage was even on their radar as something that was worth prioritizing but maybe as some others have speculated this could be an indication that they are looking into other skill rebalances.

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I took her for a quick run through a couple of trials using fp/static charge instead of w/e and tbh didn’t have any issues. Her melee based builds are still strong and tbh I didn’t really rely on remnant for gameplay.

Ima more pi$$ed at the w/e nerf tbh as that affects all characters.


I wonder if there is something in this that came up in testing the new raid boss? May be vulnerable to the game breaker build?

Eternal Fist + Frozen Heart + FP + Unleash the dragon or Static Charge + lots of purple tree still works for me - removing the strength of the WE hinders the fight against Wotan though

1 Like Check this out. I saw this last week so farmed for a few days getting the correct stabber and have to say it will handle single targets pretty good. Now since yesterday i havent tried the facepuncher yet so cant comment on its effectiveness but again the stinger or frozenheart and stabber combo will get the job done.

Glad to hear you didn’t have any issue’s. You’re vids have helped me get back to playing amara. I took a break from her to get used to fl4k but when i started playing her again boom they change exactly what i farmed gear for! It seems ever time i move forward in this game GBX always sets me back. I don’t even want to try the new overpowered zane since i have a feeling he’s on the chopping block next.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I checked out that video above. May give it a go, but can’t lie, gonna miss avatar. I have EPWE pretty much exactly the same and a decent driver com. My ass stinger is rad though.

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Ah, my stinger is rad also but i adjusted my mayhem modifiers and it works really good. I’m playing Krieg’s dlc and at evil lilith right now. I’m learning the fight mechanic’s but i think i can take her down with just two skill activation’s. After the first her health get’s halfway but that’s when i go down.

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Amara does perfectly fine, even after the ‘nerfs’…lol… doesn’t she get the most attention because someone at GBX mains her?

Anyway, this is the setup from her skill tree that I use:

Amara (

I like to roll with urad anointments on my guns, anything you want on the shield and grenades. Doesn’t really matter what anointments you use, this build can roll through all content without any anointments. I roll with godroll coms and artifacts, but they aren’t needed. I’m actually using this build for a run through all content without anointments, and it does just fine with all content. I think the bigger issue is that the other VH’s are too powerful. Or rather, some of the math allows them for ridiculous damage numbers that weren’t intended.

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Hi there. It is an interesting question. I am a developer but I treat Amara neutral smile3

This is similar to mine right now. But mine is working so well i haven’t even respec’d it yet for the purple tree. For mobbing im even still using recursion’s but fine tuning my single targets dmg, reason im hear.

They didn’t really nerf anything special, don’t know what the fuss is about. I guess I don’t care though, since I never run melee on Amara.

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They basically just took away the ability to hit damage cap with a specific setup I believe. Any normal build that just used bits and pieces will still be doing good damage but nothing godlike like before. What I worry about is will the new boss be balanced around perfect builds or just above average builds or not. Because if they try to balance around anything even a fraction of the one shot builds damage then it will be impossible to kill normally…

They didn’t change Remnant’s damage at all. All they did was make it so melee attacks can’t proc it. For most builds it isn’t a game breaker because Remnant is pretty luck based to get it to busted things, most punchy melee builds don’t take it, and honestly indiscriminate feeds a lot of damage into Remnant so in the grand scheme of Amara’s power it’s no big deal.

Which is exactly why removing the interaction is just weird. Of all the busted ■■■■ in the game and all of the skills that STILL don’t won’t like they say they do, GBX removing this is just kind of insane. It was a non-issue. There is nothing Amara did with her non-punching melee builds that other chars didn’t do significantly better, so targeting her with any kind of nerf is mind boggling.


Wrath is perfectly fine as it is IMO.

What they should look up for boosting are skills that are hilariously underperforming or never picked because they don’t do anything. Stuff like “Wildfire”, “Vigor” or “Conflux” is what they should look at for buffing. Give “Restless” Action skill damage, give “Dread” a little bit more Gun damage (from 15% to 20-25%), make Forceful Expression a bit stronger (from 18% to 30%…) and you have a much more balanced skill set.


I have Conflux maxed out with an additional 2 points from a COM. It’s just an extra effects chance. Is there a formula for where it gets its damage from? I haven’t had any issues with it, I guess.

My issue with Conflux is that for a tier 5 skill, adding another dot damage when dots don’t really do anything in this game other than for proccing Elemental Projector or increasing the damage of your “Harmageddon” Guardian Rank skill leaves a lot to be desired.