DO devs actually read?

Just as the title says I have gone through these posts people have typed up and I do not see any Devs or anyone coming up with answers. Especially with folks who have lost all characters guardian ranks everything.

just submit a ticket lul of course theyre not gonna be on forums all day dude

Yes, the devs do read the forums. They don’t comment very often, that’s all.

They specifically won’t (in my experience, anyway) talk about possible fixes unless and until there is absolute certainty that they work and are achievable.

Most info about updates comes through the community manager, @Noelle_GBX

I’m wondering that myself. If they are then they need to tell Epic about the reverifing bug that some people are going thru on the PC end of the game. 2K has been no help and Epic is making me jump thru hoops for the 4th time in a row about info on there launcher logs.
The ticket thing is not working. It is but its them asking the same questions over and over again with little results. Just look at 2K’s pc support. Its a joke.

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Gets really bad when they tell you to verify files through steam.

You’d think everyone and their mother who knows Borderlands 3 isn’t on steam (yet) wouldn’t be that stupid.
Seems 2K is that dense and blind.

nobody wants to read toxic, but true comments about issues game has since day 1. Cause would you like to go through same crap for several days on end?

Don’t expect positive reception when you release an unfinished product.

Lets be honest…they rushed it…didn’t do proper testing…didn’t bother doing hardly anything.

Like it or not - We are the beta testers.

Can’t expect much from people who are stuck holding the bag.

In most situations id agree…toxicity is bad.
But when you got a unfinished product…well…lipstick or not…a pigs a pig.

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I agree on this comment.

GB should be embarrassed that PC gamers have to go thru so much crap to get the game to run properly. I mean asking Epic and 2K for help on stuff from there so called “support system” is a joke to me and shows that they are out of touch with todays PC gamers.
My bug i have been going thru for quite a while the “reverifing” bug has not been addressed at all by 2K or Epic yet. 2K has dropped me on there end and Epic is still clueless about it still. I had to resubmit my logs to them several times cause i was passed over from tech to tech on there end.
So that right there shows me that they are clueless and i have a feeling that the bug will not get addressed at all at this rate.
Toxic or not it shows that GB has no clue about PC gamers as a whole. The reverifing bug is still there and i bet cash money that it will remain there as well cause no one has a freaking clue how to fix it or they have no idea what im talking about eather.
Shows how much they care about the PC gamer huh.