Do DLC quests reset when you reset TVHM?

I had assumed they do, but now I’m wondering.

Anyone have personal experience with this?

Haven’t done it during DLC2 yet, but it does in DLC1.
I do not see why it would be any different.

I always play on TVHM and discovered I could run the DLC1 quests over again in NVHM.

The only thing that does not are the special things that are allowed only once per character, like Torgue’s Hot Sauce and the Ember locations.

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except for typhon logs, targets of oportunity, hunts, claptrap parts (not the antena, that gets reset) and all the other stuff like this :wink:

i think you can opt to skip the first part though (last time i did a reset i had to rush through the first few stupid quests on pandora) and go straight to sanctuary

forgot to mention that your revealed map also doesn’t reset :wink: (you still have to unlock all the maps though but it will be cleared the way you did before the reset)

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