Do DOTS count as attack or skill damage?

I’m pretty sure the tic off Beatrix’ infection counts as attack damage, but what about say, Shayne’s Aura of Annoyance? Is it skill or attack damage?

Generally, most DoT effects ARE skill damage (even if it’s the character’s passive skill,) such as Miko’s poison, or Melka’s Venom.

Since Aura of Annoyance is only active when you use a skill, I’d be inclined to say it is skill damage … but I’m not 100% sure as I don’t play S&A (I suck at melee characters in general.)

Beatrix is the only DoT effect I know of that isn’t skill based, though it’s possible there are more. Easy enough to test anything you’re not sure of in the Dojo with Bola’s Target Finder, though.

yeah that’s why i’m wondering. Curious if Bola would be triggered by AoA, to make that skill more useful

like i’m trying to use it in dojo but I can’t TELL, because of how DOTS keep stacking. Plus the constant autolevelup in dojo boosting my damage so I can’t keep track of which is from the gear and which is from my increased levels.

…On the Mike dlc it does count as Kill with a Skill.
Kleese’s Ult on that got Nova mad at me for not doing what she said.

Shayne’s Aura is skill damage. Beatrix Infection - Attack damage.

Easiest way to test it is figure out the damage of a DIFFERENT attack, and see if that damage increases once you hit with AoA while running Bola’s.

So, if your boomerangs deal ~12% more damage after landing AoA on a minion wave, then AoA is indeed skill-based, as it sets off the bonus from Bola’s.

i switched it to single instead of stacked damage number, and saw that the first tic of AoA did 30, then each subsequent tick did 33 (BTF makes them take 12% more damage, so I guess that sounds right)

It’s really hard to find an actual use for Aura of Annoyance, haha.

It’s pretty terrible compared to the overshield on fetch, but BTF does make a compelling argument to use it… if only for increasing the damage of Stealth Strike, since you can get the damage buffs to apply with the last strike anyway

i’ve found it to be really really useful now. Constantly tagging everyone with extended stealth to take more damage all the time. Slaughtering people especially the squishies like orendi. Then come out of it and slaughter em with her insane melee damage!

TBF synergizes with it really well, as it turns out.

Try using shield recharge delay and shield per sec. Stealth last 5 sec and ur shield starts to recharge one sec before u get out of stealth.

Lvl 3 right gives you +105 so you get atleast 205 shield before out of stealth.