Do elemental resistant shield prefixes lower stats?

I just wondered if they have any negative effect. Also, if fire resistanfe a really good resistance? other than shock, of course. thanks!

All shield parts have good and bad effects on different stats, the Maliwan capacitor (that grants those immunities) are no different.

I believe Maliwan parts give great rechange rate and “special” value with bad capacity and recharge delay… if my memory serves me right.

@Hoyle4 would remember better as he worked on a chart for them

so no: they don’t intrinsically make the shield’s stats worse overall compared to other parts.

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Mailwan gives the highest special stats like roid damage or drop percent for boosters. Pagolin gives the highest capacity but slowest recharge delay. The rest are some were in between but mailwan capacitor is what most people want

@adamplaga should be able to figure it out from the max stats list or not, but here’s the shield one:

I’ve got a list of the other guides here:

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