Do enemies still spawn using "Mayhem level" guns?

I saw this mentioned in one of the hotfix notes a few weeks ago and I was wondering if this was a thing.

Reason I ask is I just leveled my Moze to 60 with Mayhem mode on and the Big Boom Blaster cant seem to take hits from badass enemies even at 40k to 55k capacity which seems ridiculous to me. I feel like even against multiple BA enemies I should be able to take a hit or two before I drop when I have more shields then most VHs have health and shields XD.

Yea, theyre still spawning with the m10 weapons

Ok good to know. I will keep that in mind as I push toward M10 on Moze I may need to completely re build which would suck because I like my Big Boom Blaster build but getting one shot defeats the purpose of the high change to drop a booster :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yea, definitely. Right now you kinda have to build around out damaging them before they can get to you

They aren’t gonna fix that “mistake”.


Probably not. At least no time soon. It only happened when they scaled the chest drops to m10. I have a feeling the code is somehow inextricably linked to the enemy weapons so they would need to overhaul it

I find it hard to believe this was a mistake. It was more likely a test and based on the overall lack of static it is generating it isn’t worth them bothering to do the work, as you said, to make two different mechanisms to spawn weapons.

What they said at the time was it was a side effect of the changes made to loot chests to enable them to spawn mayhem-levelled gear. Which sounds weird until you realise that we’re talking about an object oriented programming environment, so a change to an abstract class somewhere could well affect multiple different things.


I understand why it happened. What I can’t believe is that no one on the development staff said, “Hey, you know this same process that generates guns for chests also generates guns for enemies.” That would be just an epic level of not even understanding their own code to understand the effects. They knew it would happen and were just going to drop it, collect data and feedback and fix it if they absolutely had to.


Well, recent history has shown the devs don’t really seem to understand their own code. Could be a communication issue between groups, or just lack of forethought before making changes.
After all, Randy Pitchford himself asked the community if we would rather they actually test their stuff before releasing it.
When I read that I am not surprised by anything they do. Internally, I believe they have serious problems…


Enemies should use legendaries.

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They could spawn with them in BL1…


BL1’s weapon-generation/loot system is still my favorite in all the franchise. Yeah, it could lead to enemies wielding legendary weapons against you, but you get that guy’s gun and get to use it against his buddies if you beat him! :smiley:



That’s the thing right? I’ll accept that weapons spawning in chests are linked to the process that spawns weapons for enemies. But since enemies can’t spawn with legendaries and chests can…

It appears that they have some way of altering what weapons spawn with enemies. So they have a mechanism that would allow them to alter enemy weapons but not chests. Unless they are literally copy-pasting code without understanding how it all works.

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I am guessing that at some point in the pipeline they had a check that stopped enemy weapons from being legendary but when they built this system there was no “mayhem scaling” upstream so they adjusted that and the results flowed downhill.

I am sure they could stop it but they won’t and frankly I am not wholly sure I want them to. Having experienced both it feels like increasing enemy damage is a far more effective and efficient way to increase enemy difficulty as opposed to just adding a few thousand percent more health which increases tedium without increasing risk.


Yes, that makes sense. And like you, I’m OK with they leaving it in. I’m afraid that they will break something more if they try to fix this.

I was hoping that they would add a slight buff to shields, but now I’m afraid that it would somehow make the shielded enemies impossible to kill. :rofl:


Shouldn’t one of difficult modifiers then be “Enemies use Meta guns” and drop them?

Might be quite popular… Does that qualify as a decent challenge?


I don’t mind enemies using m10 weapons as long GB give me a m10 shield which is what they should’ve done in the first place .


At first, I was like no big deal I am fine leaving it in.
But the longer I have played with it like this, I really want the shields brought up in both protection value as well as offensive pieces of the shield.
The enemy M10 weapons have made it to where the only viable builds are those that can do extreme dps fast. You literally HAVE to kill them fast or you are at high risk of not only FFYL but dying.
Shields are now limited to four - Transformer, Stop Gap, Front Loader, Old God. Any other one gets depleted way too fast and you often end up past health gate. After taking one or two hits.
This is not exactly fun.
I would like the chance to go toe to toe, using cover, counter fire, etc from time to time. Right now I HAVE to destroy them in few shots to mitigate risk.
My Fadeaway FL4K really brought this point home.

Moze I end up jumping into IB more than I would like, just for healing sake after making a small mistake. Zane with barrier helps, and I realized my drone clone is working simply because I can kill the enemy so fast or at least stop them from shooting with freeze.
If I am not using the OP amara, she has survival problems.

So, I would like to see shields brought up to help with survival against the M10 enemy weapons. They need to provide enough help to take a few hits, not just one or two.

This is all IMHO of course…