Do frozen enemies "Have no target" so Hidden Machine can proc?

I usually run red/blue for rakk builds unless I’m looking for survivability but the question above came into my head when working on a cryo/rad rakk build.
Has anyone tested if frozen targets take more damage when using Hidden Machine or seen this tested?


Snipers still follow you with their laser sights so I think they keep targeting you for what concerns game mechanics.

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I’m pretty sure the jet pack troopers in the takedown don’t, but the lasers do stay out while frozen. If this has happens to be consistent then this it’s gonna be confusing for a quick minute because either they never stop targeting an individual when frozen or I’m required to stay out of there field of vision if they’re frozen.
Is there documentation of frozen snipers giving the stank eye?

I just went and tested this and nope, frozen enemies don’t make Hidden Machine automatically proc, they still count as targeting you if they were already targeting you.

I made a build that wouldn’t boost my damage except for Hidden Machine. My melee hits vs unfrozen skags that were aggroed consistently did 3079 damage. I froze the skags, and my melee consistently hit for 9236 damage. 3079 x 3 = 9237 (numbers are rounded in the game, so the math holds up even if it’s 1 off). So yep, I’m seeing the 3x melee multiplier apply from the enemies being frozen, but no extra multiplier from Hidden Machine. It does not automatically proc when enemies are frozen. Aww. It would be neat if it did.


That’s good to know, thanks
I was running the slaughter star last night and I was looking at how quickly the health bars dropped on the centurion and ballista units when frozen and still shooting me and I compared it to the ones who never targeted me before being frozen and it was pretty noticable.
On the plus side it’s easy to get out of
their vision if they’re frozen.

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