Do guns that become turrets when reloaded benefit from violent momentum?

Curious if I can throw a bunch of guns down then run around super fast and benefit from the damage boost from running fast.

Combined with Supersonic Man?
Yeah. That would be awesome. Even if it was just to look at them run! :crazy_face:
But no. Or I’ll be extremely surprised.

I don’t mean the guns moving faster. But the damage they do due to me moving faster.

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Not sure about the turrettediors, but I tested te explosive chucks, they do get violent momentum bonuses.

The Operator Anointed “+75% damage after swap with clone” works with chucks. So, clone out swap, sprint, jump and reloadchuck mid jump will get you the most (not counting many other of the damageskills), cold bore doesn’t get applied to chucks sadly.

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