Do his shots have travel time or is he hitscan?

I’ve experienced myriad instances in which I’m aiming right at somebody with him, but miss the shot when I fire. I figure the reason for this is one of two things, either his shots are hitscan, or my aim really is just that bad.

I’ve heard there’s a bug that causes hit shots to not register. Anyways, I’m almost 100% positive he isn’t hitscan.

Ah, so against faraway targets I should aim slightly ahead of them instead of directly at them?

His scoped sniper is hitscan (the only one in the game actually), his pistol is not :slight_smile:
There’s a glitch where his shots don’t always make contact as having only one hitscan mechanic must’ve made them lazy lol

I’ve been lead to believe it isn’t hitscan since it happens quite often. Now I know.

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They must fix this glich ,bug. Its been about 5months with it. It happens even in front near of a big thrall you aiming in the stomach(. I think more often the fisrt shoot.dont know why) . Gearbox fix it please !

I’ve never had that marquis problem, however with characters like whiskey and mike, there is .5 delay before the bullet hits

Marquis’ shots are neither projectiles or hitscan. They’re pure luck.

I really hope they look into this, I know what a good sniper should feel like and this ain’t it.

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