Do HW2 Factions have a counter to the Scout Defender Rush?

So I’m a relatively new player to Remastered, and I still nostalgically play Taidan like I did back in the day. I lose pretty much every time I come up against a HW2 faction, except when I use a hard Scout into Defender rush, which the HW2 factions seem to have no defense for. Have I just been playing bad HW2 players?

Gunships might counter it, but torp frigates are probably the best way. Vay might be able to use assault frigates to counter it or perhaps missilevettes, dunno.

Or spam platforms. Counter a spam with a spam.

platforms, gunships, missile vettes, flak frigs, massed interceptors/assault craft should counter it decently well. Most likely you’ve just been playing against bad players.

The scout/defender rush is really easy to counter, just mass spam anything that counters fighters while resisting the damage output of the scout/defenders (flak frigs, assault frigates, pulsar gunships do really well too, assault craft for the vaygr can stack up nicely with support if you get enough of them).

The problem is when the scout/defender spammer backs up this death ball with his own assault/ion frigates, and keeps teching up like a good player will. A good fleet is always one with variety, making it hard to easily counter.

You can beat them with intercepters/assault if you build them right away, because you’ll get a critical mass of them out before the HW1 race has many defenders. They have to get a research vessel and research 2 things before they can start making defenders.

Then later on, Flak, torp, gunship, and missile corvs are all good.