Do I have to buy super deluxe edition again?

So recently somebody robe my house and stole some goods, between them my Xbox one s and some games, I had the borderlands 3 super deluxe edition but I don’t remember if the game is a standard disc with all the deluxe stuff in a code, I want to buy it again but since I had a online account I think I can just buy the standard edition since my account should have the deluxe stuff in the account, right? Or do I have to buy the super deluxe again? Please help

While this is the wrong section unfortunately,
DLC should all be able to be downloaded from your account

I’m on PS4 and the DLC was redeemed via a code on a voucher

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Cool, appreciated mate, I’m really new around here, first day, thanks a lot :smiley:

Moved to tech support in the BL3 section…

When you get your new system, first see what you can restore when you add your profile to it. That will give you a better idea of what the next step will need to be.

The other thing I would do right now - especially if you had your XB1S set to auto-login or not require password - is change your account password and make sure you have multi-factor authorization enabled on your account. (I believe that is the default for XBL accounts now anyway, but it’s worth double-checking your account settings which you can do through the web site version.)