Do i need to have steam to play MP

for some reason steam does not work properly with my computer and freezez my computer so i don’t use it. am i still able to play multiplayer. it always say connecting to shift. but it never connects

The game is currently only sold on steam or humble bundle (that supplies steam keys) How are you running the game without steam? How you are launching the game might help figure out where the problem is.

Are you really hoping for pirated copies to support multiplayer? Buy the game.


i paid for mines bro thanks :smiley:

You don’t use Steam but… You bought the game? And then are complaining that it’s trying to connect to Shift… Which only happens if you run the game: Through the Steam client, since there is no other way to run it…

Except using a cracked Steam API DLL file…

So no offence but i don’t believe you when you said you bought it.

And if real Steam isn’t working, then there’s a reason, that can be fixed by googling the issue, or going to their tech support. You obviously didn’t do either of those things; Because you didn’t care about doing any of those things. Because you pirated the game…

You can only buy the game FROM Steam or some other online stores: But even then you need Steam to install the damn game because the only thing you get is a Steam code. That you have to type inside Steam to install it.

100% busted. You torrented the game, didn’t you?


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