Do I really have to watch all videos everytime I play through the campaign or start a new char?

I mean, this is terrible. Guess I’m not the first one posting this, but this can’t be said often enough!!! I played BL2s Campaign 20+ times. I’m scared. Please gearbox, patch this!!!
And I’m loosing some keybindings everytime I log in. Only happens in BL3.

Oh, and crashes.
…and I just lost my internet connection for a moment. Back in the game - 27 Tokens. wtf?

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You can skip the cutscenes if you have a friend online. You can join their game and create a character that way, and it skips the intro and cutscenes, however if you don’t have a friend, I’m unsure another way. :slight_smile:
You cannot skip cutscenes or dialogue in the campaign however, yet.

Thanks, that might help at least a bit. Those cutscenes take forever… I’ve finished the story twice now. I know the plot. Really.

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I use my imaginary friend in split screen. (PS4)

Yeah I was just mentioning this the other day wonder why they didn’t enable a ability to skip cutscenes if you want to.