Do Jacob's weapons work with Zane's new skill Eraser?

Both Moxsy and Thiccfila made new Zane builds where they talk about using Jacobs weapons with Eraser. Joltzdude also made a new Zane build and he specifically says They do not work with it.

Moxsy and Thiccfila were in both in early access, I’m not sure if Joltzdude was. So, at this point I’m a little confused. Did they nerf the interaction at launch?

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From my testing I think it’s a yes and no. When a jakobs crits it seems to generate a second pellet that carries the eraser buff but travels in a straight line from where it was shot and the original will ricochet. If you’re using the hustler (or get lucky) those ricochets can crit and repeat the effect(generate a pellet that pierces with a buff and one that ricochets)