Do legendary class mods exist

Been farming bosses and slaughter shafts for the past few days and have found no legendary class mods. Something seems broken.

Been farming offline and online mayhem 3

Offline -> no legendary mods for sure

Online-> dropping randomly but dropping for sure especially if u’re farming those soldiers atm, are u sure u’ve been playing online?

Looks like rng. I got a lot of those during Killavolt runs in week 1, offline m2. It took dozens of runs to get Brainstormer while got eight class mods of three characters. I got sick of those boss farming and havin replaying the campaign, 4 new mods in week 2. Only 3 artifacts for the entire gameplay tho.

think i read somewhere that class mods dont drop in slaughter shaft…could be wrong. but what bosses were you farming? becasue if you farm graveward, traunt, troy or tyreen they drop pretty regularly.

i can confirm this. It’s especially fast with Graveward. Was even faster to get legendary classmods from him than the event drops.

I have tried farming Graveward and Tyreen mainly but nothing! Tried both off and online.

you have to stay online. legendary classmods don’t drop offline. are you on mayhem 3 and using the loaded dice relic? that’s what i did and it helps tremendously

I got few Com’s from Slaughter Shaft.

Mayhem 3 with a legendary loaded dice! Maybe I will just run the whole of my next session online.

I read this and got on and within 20 Graveward kills got 5 legendary class mods. They’re out there if you play online more. Another thing to do is bring in a 2nd character and bring them in after you kill the boss and you get a loot pool for them too!

FWIW I use a purple class mod on my farming FL4K, 25% weapon damage and 31% sniper damage.

Ive seen 2 people say it, but you CANNOT get legendary class mods offline.

That’s because they confuse offline with solo play and it’s vary frustrating when they are misleading people with doing that.

So to clarify for those who didn’t know, you cannot get class mods while you are not connected to the internet

You can get classmods while
Connected with the hotfixes enabled even if
You are playing solo not in online coop