Do loot chest in campaign drop legendary gear?

I’ve been wondering this for awhile. Will loot chest drop legendary gear boxes like you receive when you reach level 100? At best i’ve only gotten epic so I wanted to know if it’s like Borderlands in this case and legendary gear can drop from chests.

Good question! I know I’ve had one drop just before the boss in the voids edge but I don’t think it was a chest unless someone else found it. It was some lind of shield generation item that reduced knockback by half.

Nah maybe a corpse revived but that shouldn’t be legendary.

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I actually data mined this a few weeks back out of curiosity… They have 6 slots and only one should ever be a gear drop which can be anything from a Common (white) to an Epic (purple).

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Damn, so no legendary in chests then?

That sucks :frowning:

I guess i’m better off just doing challenges for loot packs then opening chests. Oh well

No, no, these are definitely worth opening! Legendaries aren’t even all that great at the moment anyway. You can get some really good stuff from these chests, even Common (white) gear can be useful!!


I’m not 100% positive since it’s been ages since I played story (pvp lore ugh) but I swear my buddy an I have gotten a legendary from a chest. Could be me thinking wrong though.

You can get the Gamblers Corpse Reviver which is a legendary CC piece with epic properties. It has two CC bonuses only and costs under 1000 crystals. But that’s it.

Yoo what is this? :open_mouth: Sounds awesome for melee/The Heliophage

Can they drop Epic loot packs? Or only Gear?

It think it can be either. I had another look at it the other day and each slot has a pool of possible items that can appear in it (ie mission pickups, gear, loot packs), I’m not sure how it rolls them, since I know from experience you will only ever see 1 gear/loot pack item each time you open a loot chest and from personal experience I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a loot pack drop from one.

I just want to make sure this is clarified:

"Gamblers Corpse Reviver"
is NOT a Legendary item. It’s a bugged Rare item. “fortunately”, it sells like a legendary, though.

Yeah, I was just wondering since Epic packs can drop Legendaries, so if chests can drop Epic packs, they can potentially drop legendaries too… in a sense.

I’ve personally acquired numerous loot packs from chests, all were uncommon or rare though. I’ve also recieved a few epic packs from boss drops.

Also, I’ve picked up both rare and uncommon packs from 3 slot chests in the past. Mostly on Algorithm, all were from Algorithm style chests.

I’ve never found any loot item from 3 slot eldrid chests, only the 6 slot ones.

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Nice! Doing the random Challenges where you have a limited amount of time can also net you a Loot Pack too, though mostly Uncommon and Rare.

Yea, I try to complete every challenge and loot every chest. You never know what you will find.