Do Loot Expanders still exist?

Since switching from the XBox One to the PS4 for stability reasons, I’ve leveled 3 characters to 65, she’s leveled one and a half to 65, and together we’ve gone through a LOT of gear. Not Once have we come across a Loot Expander artifact of any rarity. I’ve specifically farmed artifacts from the Agonizer 9000 and gotten multiple Knife Drain Safeguards, dozens of Cutpurses, Ice Spikers, Toxic Revengers, you name it. Zero Loot Expanders.

Do they not exist anymore? Were they removed in a patch or hotfix at some point? Any way to still get them if so? It makes no sense for me to have not found one if they’re still in the game, so any assistance which can be provided would be appreciated.

Loot Expanding is a prefix, it can spawn on any non-unique artifact.

Correct, which is why I listed other prefixes as examples of things I have gotten. No offense but that doesn’t answer my questions, like at all, and is not helpful in any way.

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You asked for farming method, so I answered that part.
There is 26 artifact prefixes in the game. I’m pretty sure it’s just bad rng.

No, you did not. Since “any artifact in the game” is not a farming method, and as indicated I’ve found zero across 4+ characters and over 250 levels, while looking for them the entire time. I’ve found and picked up at least 300 artifacts, probably much, much more, but at 300 the chances of not a single one hitting a 1/26 (3.8%) chance is 25/26 (96.2%)^300, or .0007%. Sure, I could be the lucky 1 in 1 million, literally, but a) that seems unlikely, and b) even were it true it does not provide any path forward which gives a meaningful increase in odds.

So I ask again - do they exist in the game as it stands on PS4? Has anyone on PS4 looted one within the last month or two, and if so, from where, or what were you doing? If they were removed, is anyone aware of a method of getting them back in the loot pool? If you know for sure they exist, where can I farm them from? Assistance would be appreciated.

It’s still in the game, no matter what version, they are all the same in terms of content.
I had one in Arms Race, this week.

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@GiantOctopodes They definitely exist, I get them to drop regularly. The “Loot Expander/ing” relic can occur as a purple artifact by itself (which will have a prefix of its own based upon the passive stats of the artifact) or as a prefix on another legendary artifact. To my knowledge there is no legendary version of the “Loot Expander,” it only appears as a prefix on legendary artifacts.

I guess just as a general question - why do you want a Loot Expander artifact so badly? To generate more cash, health, and ammo pickups for your build? The Loot Expanding prefix on a legendary artifact or as a base purple relic is just not that desirable generally for most builds of which I am aware, because there is plenty of ammo, health, and cash to be found. Why not seek out an artifact that actually boosts your VH’s damage or survival stats?

In any event, yes, Loot Expander/ing artifacts exists, and they are fairly common. I think you’ve just had bad luck or happened to not see it when it dropped. These drop very frequently.


To answer your question, yes, to generate more cash, health, and ammo pickups. Specifically cash. I still need another 300-500 million to finish buying out bank slots and SDUs in general. I am aware of methods of generating cash to my hearts content, and pick it up at a decent clip, but anything I’m doing to generate cash will do so twice as fast if I have a loot expander.

I don’t want or need it because it’s good for my build, I have artifacts which are good for my build. I want it for when I am specifically targeting and farming cash, as the role it fills cannot be filled by items I currently possess. And when I’m targeting and farming cash, I can afford the knock to damage or survival stats and still come out ahead in terms of rate of cash generation.

Nice to know they exist, and I’ve had literally near impossibly bad luck, here’s hoping I find one before I finish getting all unlocks and no longer need one.

They do exist, but the legendary versions seem really rare. Purple ones seem much more common. Good luck finding one!

Actually, it’s much faster to farm money by farming a bunch of weapons and selling them, which the artifact doesn’t help with at all.

Play on M10 with lootsploion, loot whatever you want, then sell all the loot after. You’ll reach money cap extremely quickly.


I agree with this.

Ps4? I got plenty bub hit me up and I’ll just give you one! What lvl are you?

I can make you Max money and then some on Eden 6! Lvl 1 infinity, loot expander and a Jacobs barrel!

Short answer: yes it still exists as a stand alone artifact and as a prefix to any legendary artifact.

Though I have found it to be the least useful artifact/prefix on an artifact.

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To be fair, it is better then half of the other ones, like slam damage or loaded dice

I am not certain why the Loaded Dice was assigned as a legendary artifact. It has most of the drawbacks of the Deathless but none of the benefits. I am not quite sure what they were thinking with the Loaded Dice artifact.

Anyone ever found a good use for this other than as a stand-in if you can’t find a Deathless?

I…guess it can be used in combination with moxxi weapons to get above health cap easier?

It’s not even a replacement for deathless! It doesn’t “reserve” your health so you can’t heal above a certain point, it just cuts your health by 75% like a turtle shield. Doesn’t work with Urad.

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In regards to Loaded Dice

I dont know - it only shrinks the healthpool; being so, it paves the way for a nearly immortal Moze build with select perks. (It’s worked since launch too)


@Steeveyb I kind of forgot about that, I am assuming this is the Bloodletter build where the COM has heath regen and you lower your heath so much that the regen keeps you past health gate? Like the Survivor/Turtle shield trick with Zero and Axton in BL2? I have never run this personally as it uses gear that I don’t really keep on hand and I have not been interested enough in it to figure out how to do it and farm the gear.

Outside of that use, have you ever done a build using the Loaded Dice? I don’t see it used hardly at all.

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Swore i had that working with a hoplite on bl2, and heard the trick can be done for all but gaige(?)
Thats the correct one though - beyond that i doubt there was much use for it aside from challenge runs
(If this is the reason moze doesnt have “duct tape mod”'s feature - id drop the build in a heartbeat since it’s damage is quite… meh? If im being honest )