Do many people just pick a balanced Mayhem level for themselves?

I’m fairly new to Borderlands 3, having only picked it up last month, though I’ve been playing the crap out of it lately.

I’ve always liked trying out harder difficulties in games, to test my (admittedly average) skills. But this Mayhem mode has me banging my head on the wall. I’d like to keep plugging away at level 10, but I’m coming to realize it takes a lot of the fun out of the game that I had been having.

I know a lot of people on these forums are pretty serious players who have probably worked the gun/gear math so they can shred anything (I really can’t bring myself to farm), but I’m wondering of there are other players who just decided to pick a middle-of-the-road mayhem level that gives them a bit of challenge, but isn’t frustrating?

Is there any point to Mayhem, other than to find more annointments to take on increasingly difficult levels later?

There’s a few of us who use it to find the difficulty level we’re most comfortable with.

You’ll also want to use at least level 1 if you want to continue playing in NVHM after completing the main story - it ensures levelling works consistently, apart from anything else. NVHM+MH1+ is essentially TVHM.


I like Mayhems 4 and 8 since they have the least amount of modifiers and the most upsides (for M8, guaranteed anointed gear and M6 exclusives).

However, once Mayhem 11 comes out I’m going there. I want something close to the UVHM experience.

If you find the modifiers challenging instead of annoying, than it is a harder difficulty if you want that. However, a lot of the modifiers are more of a challenge for the eyes than anything, so if you don’t find them appealing then no, there is no point to mayhem at all.

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Short answer: yes.

I was M2 on Moze for a long time as I didn’t really have a build for her. I was M4 on Zane for a long time because that was my cap without a top-tier build (and I refused to use Seein’ Dead - I was trying my hardest to make other COMs work).

I’m now M6 for Moze and M8 for Zane (still rolling an Executor, though looks like the patch is going to change things for me again).

Take it at your own pace, is my advice.

I noticed that it set the leveling to scale with me, which was awesome. I wondered if there’s much more of an XP boost by doing quests at TVHM + mayhem, as opposed to just running ones I missed on NVHM + mayhem…?

For me the point of Mayhem is being able to tackle higher difficulty. Although once you are geared up, all Mayhem levels become EASY.

The only difference really is the higher Mayhem levels are more annoying (not difficult) due to more mods. But M11 will bring back some fun back or less annoyance to M10 because there won’t be mods. But in terms of difficulty, everything is easy once you are geared up.

I don’t think so? Mayhem is kind of its own thing once it’s enabled - it has its own XP scaling, for example.

Okay, I wasn’t sure. My first character was Moze, and right after NVHM I went to the Slaughter arena and leveled up to 65. Kind of regretted it after. It was nice having a character to redo some bosses with and looking for interesting annointments, but I found I was still mostly relying on IB just to survive Mayhem 10.

I’ve been trying FL4K and Zane on TVHM (both in the mid-40 levels), with around Mayhem 2 or 3, and they’ve both been a blast. Really enjoying the incremental growth of each one. At some point I’d like to get the DLC and continue with them with this level of difficulty.

Remember once you are fully geared up with meta weapons (assuming you have good skill tree build), there is no such thing as difficult anymore even with the DLCs.

I remember you telling me about certain gear in some of the DLCs that would really give my characters a bump. And I’m guessing that’s a big reason I struggle now, because I don’t have most of the gear on all the recommended lists.


A lot of people play the gear/ numbers and consider that the focus of the gameplay experience.

That is not the only or best way to enjoy the game. That seems to be the point of Arms Race DLC. Players should be capable of enjoying the game with common rarity world drop gear, with or without mayhem levels.

TVHM doesn’t enhance Mayhem Mode, it just allows for repeated playthroughs.

As mentioned before, TVHM without Mayhem scales enemies and missions to your level sans any modifiers (like Mayhem Mode 1). It was a holdover from previous games.

The truest TVHM experience would be turning off mayhem & Guardian Rank and using on level gear with no mayhem.

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No most people played this game long enough that the only thing we needed to refarm where M10 weapons seeing mods and artifacts don’t scale.

So you just farm those on lower mayhem and then jump to M10 (or 11 so you don’t have those pesky modifiers)

This isn’t your standard difficulty scaling where the game gets harder… In BL3 they just increase numbers on everything…
Edit, by increasing numbers I mean, enemies get stronger but so do you…

Rough estimation, probably half the players (left) steamroller M10

I for one wouldn’t mind hitting a difficulty wall where I really have to max out everything I’ve got…

This was the same problem in BL3 and yet they opted to have weapon scaling…


For a while there a lot of skills didn’t scale to Mayhem Levels. Pets had the same problem right? Most Mayhem Builds are gear reliant. Is anyone running Mayhem 10 with white only rarity and undesirable annointments?

yeah the game still isn’t in a good state hahaha

or maybe that’s the real intended difficulty hahaha playing a never ending beta :joy:


I exclusively played Mayhem 8 for a while and that was pretty decent. I don’t play any meta builds or anything and I rarely have amazing anointments on my gear but usually M8 was comfortable. If you don’t mind a bunch of modifiers you could drop to M6 so you can still get all of the M6 exclusive gear

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I’m in that exact boat - picking something that balances challenge and my fun. Typically M4 or M8 are good choices, since it limits number of modifiers you have to deal with.

I might try M10/M11, especially now that enemies don’t have Mayhem-scaled weapons, just to see how my M8 characters can deal with it.

short answer nobody knows the damn statistics because nobody will tell us but personally i either play max mayhem or custom tailored challenge m5 no anointed gear

I took the middle road all the way baby - to Mayhem 10, ever growing in power and last night, on the eve of season 2, I soloed M10 Guardian Takedown.

You can do the same, just keep going, keep hunting.

Everyone has their own, “number of shots I think it should take to kill an enemy” that ranges from 1 to the entire ammo pool. I’m somewhere in the middle, so I adjust the game to suit my build/loadout accordingly. I use the varying levels to make the weapons work the way I like. If I’m rolling with some overpowered thing, I play at higher levels; if I’m playing with weaksauce, I play at lower levels. Most of this is at MM4, though the new mayhem-less MM11 is pretty sweet so far.

So last night I decided to try Moze again on M11. Not having those goofy mods was great. I changed her skill loadout so that I had a full slate of damage skills in the Explosive tree and mags. It was the first time I’d felt like I could at least manage the combat (not on anything difficult…just some side quests). I was using the Kaos and Kaeoson(sp?), along with the explosive Thorns pistol and some shotgun with shock splash damage. I tried to resort to my IB only when it was clear I was either going to die, or if it was taking forever to bring down a mob.

I tried the same thing on FL4K, cranking a bunch of points into my horned skag…all the damage boosts, etc. I even have a few weapons with M10 annointments. That was more of a struggle. It became clear that while I could breeze through the fights, using the pet to both kill enemies and pull aggro, my gun damage was almost non-existent.

Are there any non-DLC weapons I can use with Flak on a gamma setup that might improve my damage (I have the skill where I can do more damage if I stand still)? Or is Mayhem simply at a point where you have to have DLC guns to get anywhere?