Do modifiers pair up well with new storyline and gun testing?

From the very beginning of Mayhem 2.0, I’ve never been a fan of the new modifiers. With time and experience I’ve got used to them, but I feel there are some situations in which they still represent an issue to me:

  • New storyline (DLC) gameplay : two DLCs out of four are yet to be released and a new DLC means a new world to explore and a new exciting storyline. As a player, I love doing a lot of roleplay in this situation, as well as enjoying the immersion. To me, modifiers there are kinda misplaced in this case, since I feel they are immersion-breaking. I could play with mayhem mode off and purple/blue weapons only, but that would be a little annoying since I’ve spent a lot of time farming for new legendaries only to end up not using them.
  • Gun testing : to be honest, I kinda miss the good old days when Joltzdude used to say “…and the modifiers are neutral” :smile:. I think it is good to have a more “vanilla” testing ground for the least strong legendaries.

With that said, I’m not advocating for a total change of mayhem 2.0 but I think the simple option to turn off the modifiers (maybe with a high drop rate penalty to keep things “balanced”) would do.

I really really wanted to bring this up to the community so I can hear your opinion about it. What do you think?


Gun testing should be a non issue given that modifiers no longer randomly change. So if someone wants to test/compare all they need to do is to select the same set of non damage boosting modifiers. :nerd_face:

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Yeah, that is certainly better than randomly selected modifiers every reload :sweat_smile:
I would opt for a modifier-free solution because it would be even easier than re-rolling every time the mayhem level is changed.

Let’s call it a quality of life improvement :wink:


There is a modifier free version. Just disable mayhem. But, like studdugie said, the modifiers do not change and can be used as a constant for test g gear/builds. Modifiers add another level/challenge to putting together and testing builds. It adds complexity but can also add to the overall effectiveness of specific builds. I use Holy Crit as my very hard modifier, so all of my builds are based around that.

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I should have specified I was talking about mayhem legendaries. Yeah, I see the point. A gun is effective only within a specific build while there’s jack mannequin for sheer damage testing.

I’m a little curious… Do you base your builds around a specific set of modifiers?

no… that’s just TVHM… wich sucks…

this game needs a difficulty modifier without all the BS…


If you want to test your weapons/gear in a non modifier state, this is the only way, other than on Sanctuary III and the test dummy.

I use deathless artifacts in all situations, except Moze. Since I’m spec’d all the way in TRL, I don’t need one, but I find that a deathless artifact and a frontloader shield help with her survivability.

These are the modifiers I use on all my characters and it’s what I build around:

The first three I chose since they do not interfere with overall game play, too much. So I basically use Holy Crit as my base and go from there.


I have builds that do. For example, ALL of my Zane True Maliwan Takedown builds rely on Speed Demon.


Yeah there’s no other way.
Personally, I would still love a way to test mayhem guns on enemies both with and without modifiers. Maybe the ability to choose the modifiers would be beneficial for those like you who wants to test new builds combined with particular modifiers. A little increase of freedom would be a good improvement for everyone.

That’s interesting! I’ve been trying something similar with Zane + Speed demon to see how far I can push the damage bonus from Violent Momentum.


LOL :joy:


To be honest, this problem in particular is making me desperate. It will be a real real disappointment if I’m forced to choose between legendaries and normal mode when the next DLC Is out.

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What modifiers are y’all running that’s “immersion-breaking”? And how are modifiers truly different than if they were simply aspects of enemy/VH behavior?

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Drones, big heads, lava pools, elemental rays…

All those that have a real visual impact are immersion-breaking to me.

I can’t imagine the first hour on Xylourgos with all these things clouding the map.

If it is part of a skag behaviour spawning drones and laser rotors, then I think we have really underestimated them all along. :joy:

If mayhem 2.0 REALLY had modified enemies’ behaviour and strategy, that would have been the greatest update since release.

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It was the same deal with the Cartel’s event. I’m using the modifiers and have use many different ones to find what works best for me. I do not see them as immersion-breaking, especially when you can re-roll them… Or turn them off completely. Granted, you don’t get the better gear, but we all wanted options, and now we have them. GBX’s vision for the future of BL3 is Mayhem mode with modifiers, so I do not see that changing anytime soon… or at all. If they do have an option to disable modifiers, at some other cost, then we’re back to OP levels and BL2 style. That was boring, after awhile. I find the modifiers add that extra bit of challenge while at the same time not game breaking like the constant requirement for slag when at certain higher OP levels.

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But you can have your challenge… by turning them on.

I can’t have my immersion because I can’t turn them off (without going back to one-shot-land).

I’ve tried it. Only the crappy legendaries don’t destroy everything in normal mode. ALL the guns I’ve farmed to this point would be pointless.
That’s not a fair trade :sweat_smile:.

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I bet that gets a little hairy in Valks with stacks running, whee whoah that’s a ledge. :laughing:

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  • Drones - How is this different than Maliwan death spheres?

  • Big heads - Agreed. That sh*t’s freaky! :crazy_face:

  • Lava pools - (I was PRAYING that you would mention this one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)This one is LITERALLY the same thing as breaking a fire barrel or fighting COV enemies that shoot fire rockets that leave puddles of lava on the ground or the fire puddles the anointed militants attack us with. The ONLY difference is the trigger!

  • elemental rays - This one is new so I wonder if it’s immersion breaking because it’s new? Would you feel the same had their been enemies at launch who left these behind?

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It’s less the running off ledges that’s the problem. The real problem is not knowing where I’ll land when jumping because sprint momentum affects jump distance. So sometimes I go flying off the ledge when I only meant to jump over a single enemy. I jump a lot less because of it. :grin:

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LMAO :rofl:

I got this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Drones: wow, Maliwan must be the most convincing corporation in the galaxy if they are able to sell these things not only to humans but also to various ferocious beasts like skags.

Big heads: yup freaky :joy:

Pools: you have to admit that’s pretty unusual to see frozen inhabitants of Xylourgos spawning lava or loaderbots spawning acid :sweat_smile:.

Elemental rays: actually, I wonder why these things never appeared before. Handsome Jack would have loved them. But again… SKAGS crap them like they’ve eaten a whole stock!

I forgot to mention DEATH and freeze tag.