Do NOT make XP/credit boosters available for Plat!

Firstly, let me make it clear that the devs said in their future DLC plans that they are only “exploring” this concept.

However, it should be made clear to them well beforehand that even considering adding XP and/or credit boosts for Platinum currency is unacceptable.

They stated earlier in the post, “the Battleborn Marketplace offers players the option to use earned or paid in-game currency to enhance their game experience without affecting gameplay.” Which at the moment is true with only skins, taunts, additional loadout slots etc. available. The majority of people who are willing to accept micro-transactions in a full price game are ok with features such as these because they do not affect gameplay or player power.

However, no matter which way they try to spin it, XP, and credit directly affect gameplay, and player power. Credits can be used for loot boxes, which directly affect player power. XP unlocks loot boxes every 5 Commander levels, and unlock helix options for characters (many of which are vastly superior to the original options) thus directly affecting player power.

Progress such as this in a full priced game should be there solely as a game feature, and for retention; not to be monetised. Free-to-play games monetise aspects like these because that is how they make money in addition to cosmetic options.

If GBX is unhappy with the credit or XP earning system (I know people will always want faster XP and credit, so it’s a balance to be had), then they should look at other options. There are plenty of ideas to do this like increasing the frequency of bonus XP/credit events (which have the added bonus of incentivising people to play), improving the current First-Win-Per-Day reward to be a set, worthwhile amount rather than just 10% of what you earned in the match (again incentivising play). Possibly even tweaking how much XP/credit is needed for things.

Credit, and XP will always directly affect gameplay, and player power. So, in a full priced game like Battleborn adding boosts to micro-transactions should never be seriously considered, let alone implemented. GBX, leave Platinum for cosmetics, and give us engaging reasons to play to earn more credit, and XP.


Credit Boots. Hehe.


I don’t find mutation to be an advantage. As for gears, it doesn’t take long to have too many of them in the loadout anyway. And, you need shards to activate them.

You can unlock character sooner, but they are all “balanced” as well so.

There really is nothing to be scared of. I don’t see more advantages or disadvantages.

If people want to pay more, and help Gearbox stay alive a little longer, so be it!

My 2 cents.


Tweaked your title a bit :heart: (boots = boosters)

Nope, disagree.

If there are credit booster for real money, those will legitimate even higher costs for extra loadouts, heros and so on…

XP / Credit booster have to be an ingame feature only! BB is NO FREE-TO-PLAY!

GBX, PLEASE consider and take it as a chance to keep the community in mood!
Right know it feels like everybody feels more or less screwed by you, don’t let them all turn their back on you…


So long comedy typo! We miss you!

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Hehe :smile: I´d love some credit boots though, leaving a track of credits behind whereever I go^^

Back to topic: I think they should not implement XP/credits on the marketplace. But the Devs asked for feedback on that idea and I hope they´ll listen to the community and think of something other cosmetic instead.



I’d like some credit boots too, maybe there will be any gear? Farming by running in circles! :smiley: :smiley:

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Credit boosts will contribute to pay to win.
EXP boosts, however, will not, unless they alter other aspects of the game.

Credits for loot boxes for better loot, we’re on the same page on.
Here’s what I mean about EXP boosts being different.

Currently, Command Rank does not go above 100.
This means you can accelerate getting to it, but there is no advantage over the full course of the level experience for Command Rank.
There is an advantage on the time required to attain, though.
This manifests as faster character unlocks and faster Loot Pack acquisition.

The counter side, though, is that incoming new players start at a disadvantage compared to entrenched veterans.
Introducing an EXP booster later on actively helps a newer player base overcome the existing entrenched advantage that existing players have faster.

As far as EXP boosting characters is concerned, it’s more of a double edged sword.
The gains on boosting character level are relatively low, but worth noting.
Faster Helix unlocks and faster Loot Pack unlocks.
Again, neither of these add anything any other player can’t achieve through game play.
There are no additional Helices or additional Loot Packs after a character tops out at Rank 15.
Here though, the difference is about gameplay.
You learn the character from playing it, and now you have to play the character less for similar gains.
I’m not opposed to EXP boosting Character Rank, but it could possibly hurt player engagement if they don’t experience the character fully to get those gains.

Loot Packs should be right out though.
Pay to win is bad.

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Credit/XP boosters don’t bother me in the least bit. If someone wants to spend real money to get a higher level, so be it. It doesn’t mean they will be good. Most people that do well in PVP know that white/green gear is the way to go anyway. either way people are going to get to a higher level at some point in time. Same with gear. In my mind it really doesn’t affect MY gameplay whatsoever.

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Double XP should just be random free events that Gearbox has to get players logging in.

My two cents.


So Double XP is fine, but double credit might be considered “pay to have a slight more random gears that could give you a slight advantages once you are able to unlock them”. That’s cool.

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Show me a moba that does not have credit boosters available for money? Including competitive ones. The only one I can think of is smite, and I just haven’t checked in that yet.

That’s because said Mobas are free-to-play. When you’re free-to-play you almost have the permission to monetise anything in the game.

No gear load outs and inventory space either. It’s very game changing to have the bare minimum load outs while Others have twice as Many. Not cosmetic at all.

Exp boosts to me dilute the game. Just less to do IMO. I like leveling.

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Inventory space, and extra loadouts are available for a reasonable amount of credit as well though. I guess that would be a good question, whether or not the boosts would be available for credits as well.

I would prefer if boosts just stay out, even for credits, and more bonus events are included. In addition to bonus weekends, they could do community events like ‘Kill Rendain 50,000 times as a community’ for something extra special.

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Personally I’m ok with credit/xp boosters. As a gamer who doesn’t have as much time to game as he would like but does have some disposable income, I always enjoy being able to pay to skip the grind. In fairness, the grind is not bad in BB at all. Which I think is a nice thing. F2P titles try to coerce you into buying boosts buy making the grind painful whereas in BB it’s really optional, since the regular rate is fine.

I don’t really see it having any negative effect on power. Yeah, you will be able to unlock mutations a bit faster than you would otherwise but you would have unlocked those mutations anyway and besides, whenever I’m fighting a player I have no way of knowing what mutations they have or haven’t unlocked beforehand so I have to assume they have them all. Unless the person is like Command Rank 2 or something really low like that.

Ultimately, if they decide not to add in boosts, I won’t mind that either.

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Except command rank can’t exceed 100 and player rank can’t exceed 15. How quickly one gets there is irrelevant, and invalidates the argument that boosters affect player power. If someone has work and family obligations that don’t let them play as much but they want to advance their characters faster, let them.

In regards to:
Loadouts- Doesn’t bother me in the least if you can buy it (or bank pages) so long as it isn’t more than you can get else wise.
Exp- The only benefit to gameplay is mutations. Mutations are not meant to be stronger than the alternative original options though so it does not give you more power but more options.
Credits- clearly the benefit is more opportunities for gear. But gear has an activation cost associated with its benefits (except legendaries). Once again you’ll have more options but other than trying to make a very specific loadouts this isn’t really an advantage.

I don’t understand why people are against these. What about people who play more? Do they really have an advantage over those who’ve played less other than learning a character more, excluding unlocking characters? What about people who invest more time in PvE? They get more gear and more chances for PvE specific gear.

They’re not giving someone the ability to purchase being more powerful than you because everything they can do with it is (supposed to be) balanced and is already available to those who can spend more time on it.