Do not nerf the Hellwalker

There was a lot of good stuff during the recent GB livestream, like incoming buffs to IB and Fl4k’s pets etc. Gearbox also said they were looking to balance some weapons, like the Lyuda and Hellwalker. The Lyuda made sense - it was blatantly overpowered, and its split was not anywhere as punishing as the BL2 version. It probably needs a rework to its fire rate or the split needs to be more similar to the BL2 version. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get overnerfed like the KC/QC though.

But what struck me as odd was the Hellwalker being in the same sentence. Don’t get me wrong, the Hellwalker is definitely not an underpowered Legendary. But it is not vaguely in the same universe as the Lyuda - hell its probably not even in the top 10 most powerful legendary guns in this game.

The Hellwalker is simply a fire elemental Jakobs shottie, which as a result of being able to element match, does about 20% more than a Dastardly Stagecoach against flesh enemies. Against shields and armor (which often spawn in conjuct with flesh), it is substantially worse. It also has about 60% more fire rate, which isn’t really relevant, given it has 1 shot in its magazine. Basically, it is one of those good but not great legendaries.

Sure it can be relatively overpowered on specific Fl4k/Moze setups, but that’s more the Some for the Road’s / Leave no Trace ability to extend the mag of the gun. But even on Fl4k/Moze, it is not nearly one of their strongest set-ups - simply because the Hellwalker isn’t that strong of a weapon. But the Hellwalker is one of the most fun and iconic weapons in this game, and probably the best elemental Jakobs. Please don’t be drawn by overhypers and streamers and actually objectively access the power of the gun - there are much more powerful weapons and builds out there.


Amara can get two bullets in the mag, just saying.

It’s strong but I don’t think it’s that strong. I’ve seen some YouTubers go on and on about it but honestly I can name 15 guns that are much better when mopping.

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Anyone can make it a 2 shot with a relic/COM which has a magsize line effect. But the main point is as you say, its just not that strong, any objective Borderlands player can recognize its just a Stagecoach which is 25% better against Flesh (and much worse against anything else).

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Oh I thought the skill for mag size was the bump it needed to push it to 2 rounds.

I can make it like 4 shot with fl4k tw0 fang and extra magazine size from relic and class mod, but I still toss that ■■■■ in the storage, I dont get whats so OP about hellwalker… butcher shotgun is better, but still anybody is playing with shotguns in mayhem 3 end game ? I would be surprised if someone does that regularly, I tested mostly all guns in this game in slaughter shaft to see how good they are at clearing fast, and hellwalker does not need a nerf instead it needs a buff lol, GB tests the items with mayhem off ?


Out of all the things they said they were doing nerfing the hellwalker was the one that might have baffled me the most tbh. This is another one of those things that I think is being tuned for NORMAL TVHM and not Mayhem 3. I thought that beyond the kings/queens Jakobs pistols were totally fine on M3 but those got nerfed too. IMHO MOST Jakobs(and nonelemental in general like atlas/torgue) need all the help they can get because normal bullets are almost always at a disadvantage when compared to elementals because while they don’t get any negatives, they also don’t get the giant positives if used in the right situation. Plus I don’t think there is a +70% NORMAL bullet damage increase only a -70% normal bullet increase when compared to the +70% elemental I think the best you can hope for is +Gun type damage (AR, smg shotgun etc) and plus gun damage in general which still wouldn’t equal the base increase of just 70% to the elementals of the mayhem modifiers and as long as you didn’t get minus an elemental damage those could effectively stack with elementals as well making you a walking god practically and it just also puts normal bullet guns at odds with mayhem as a whole.

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I don’t even use it anymore since i found this BLUE that does MORE damage than the hellwalker & has 8 mag size.

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You must fly through ammo with that shotty

Not as fast as the flakker, that one uses 5 ammo per shot.

Comparing Hellwalker vs Stagecoach by card damage is going to open up the same debate that Borderlands 2 brought up between coach and quads. That Stagecoach will do more damage only within a small range close to the target. The Hellwalker’s damage falls off less with range.

A more general comparison: Against non flesh the Stagecoach will outperform the Hellwalker because of Fire being hampered. However against flesh Hellwalker will outperform the Stagecoach at all ranges.

I found it really strange they mentioned the Hellwalker. I have a bunch of them and tried them on different builds, but it doesn’t really seem that strong. It’s a good gun, don’t get me wrong, but when I heard the praise and that it was getting nerfed, I thought it was in the Lyuda/Butcher/Cutsman category.

Hellwalker OP…
Gearbox have some other version of game, that is only explanation that I can think of…
Maybe that is why Maggie is OK , and purple masher have more DPS.

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My poor Maggie is just a bad joke. I got one at lvl 41 when I first started Mayhem the 3rd day the game was out and it was better than the current Maggie after the nerf :frowning: They nerfed Jakobs pistols and honestly except the kings/queens I really feel it was completely unneeded. Like I said before nonelemental guns have a rough go of it in Mayhem 3 and fall off pretty hard on M3 as well just in general IMHO. Very few nonelemental guns are good on M3.


The hellwalker is pretty badass with some specific build (Fl4k, Phasezerker …) but once again, you can’t nerf a weapon cause a tailored build make it broken.

At most I hope they won’t go farther than nerfing it’s firerate, which will effectively nerf Fl4k with Hellwalker (Honnestly, I use it, it’s broken, period) and not its other caracteristics

I have to agree with this, Hell Walker doesn’t seem OP in the least, and if they nerf it because a lot of people like it, because it’s a cool reference and a cool shotgun, then do they really know what they’re doing at all?

They absolutely gutted King’s and Queen’s Call, which I still blatantly disagree with. If they ruin the Lyuda and for some crazy reason nerf the Hell Walker, then wtf are they doing?

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