Do not raise the level cap

Borderlands 2 is completely fine the way it is and has been fine since the cap was raised to 72 and OP levels were added in 2013. Nothing is more soul crushing than to hear borderlands 2 is getting more content only to then hear that they’re arbitrarily raising the level cap forcing me to refarm everything I have farmed over these past five years. Also they’re plenty of skill points to go around at level 72 anyway It’s completely ridiculous and I really hope this part of the leak isn’t true. At least have OP8 guns scale to what ever the new max OP is. Don’t piss off your community right before the release of Borderlands 3.


I agree.


I’m quite certain that your choice of gear will be optional. (I’d be surprised if the entire DLC wasn’t optional itself). Am I misunderstanding?


A level cap raise is not optional. All this content is apparently going to be free. So no, there is no choice.

The choice may be as simple as not downloading the content, no?

Of course it means co-op compatibility issues.

Also, it’s always a lot simpler to wait and see than speculating. And complaining about things we can’t control.

I’d rather be excited about new content dammit. Cuz I am.


I’m hoping that the level caps remain similar to BL2 but that the number of backpack SDUs and storage vault (if there is one) SDUs are increased.


Look I’m not just saying it for the sake of saying it. They’re very legitimate reasons as to why they shouldn’t do this. Borderlands 2 being a very Co op, community focused game. Not downloading this is not a solution.


I think OP means that his hard-farmed OP8 well-parted gear will certainly be outmoded by the new endgame. Which is definitely a legitimate concern. Saying ‘just don’t download it’, is not exactly the solution, given many want to play the new DLC and get the new guns.

For me, I am kinda conflicted about the new level cap. On one hand, it allows certain builds to really become stronger, (Backdraft subsequence sounds awesome) but on the other hand, it kinda kills the build diversity. We already saw abit of this in TPS, where all endgame builds kinda looked the same except for the COMs. Kinda removes the artistry of developing a good balanced build when you can just grab every good skill in every skill tree.


IF the level cap dose go up I hope this means it is coupled with OP leveling. This would mean to reach 80 you need to OP level and your HP increases like normal. OP8 gear remains the same but it is OP8/ level 80. All enemies would no longer be skulls and the difficulty would take a significant nurf as a consequence.

In my mind this situation is also not ideal. Iv spent over 2000 perfecting how I play Maya. A large portion of this was my OP journey learning which skills scaled well with OP and which ones didn’t. What guns worked well against what enemies with my skill set up and when and where to use what Skill set up. Having a large segment of that jorney feel pointless would upset me greatly.

I am in favor of the endgame staying the same. Plus if they do increase it to 80 and we have op on top of that ima get 181 Badass ranks every time I slag a target XD I’m already over 250k ranks


I’m all in favor of this, considering I’ve basically stopped playing the game this gives me a reason to start again. Also, I think all of the current gear levels will stay the same- i.e. scaling to level 80 at OP8- so it’s only the new gear that you have to worry about (no need to refarm everything). Even with the addition of 8 more skill points there’s nothing that says you have to use them if you don’t want to- I imagine there are folks that run level 50 builds at level 72 (granted not many but…). Last, this is an optional DLC- if you and your friends don’t want it, don’t get it- there’s more than a few studies that show that most gamers don’t play a game to its max level- if you’re fine where you are you’re not forced to go any higher…


Personally, I hate the OP system and would be happy to see the OP levels changed to proper levels if they raised the cap to 80.

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OP levels were completely optional. You could still get to 72 and get the new pearls and class mods without ever even going to digistruct peak so it’s a dumb thing to complain about. Removing difficulty options doesn’t help anybody.

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Yeah, if it is true about raising the level cap again it’ll just makes things a chore. I don’t want to refarm all my gear. Enough grounds for me to not download it for the PS4 copy I own.


You could say that TVHM and UVHM are “completely optional”, too. But at a certain point they become the only practical way to continue to progress. So if you want to completely progress they’re not actually optional.

‘‘Nothing is more soul crushing than to hear borderlands 2 is getting more content only to then hear that they’re arbitrarily raising the level cap forcing me to refarm everything I have farmed over these past five years.’’
You will only need to re-farm if you don’t have OP8 weapons as they are already level 80 which would match the potential new level cap.


Nobody knows how they’re going to go about it yet. What you just described is one of the best case scenarios. Worst case scenario is you’re going to have to go through Digistruct peak again and re farm everything. Also to your point would this mean that op levels are no longer a thing? It’s incredibly worrying if that’s the case.

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What even is your argument here? TVHM and UHVM are actual playthtoughs, OP levels are levels that you can turn on and off. Optional. If you don’t like them, stay at 72, you don’t gain increased health or extra skill points for going through them. It’s a difficulty spike that you can choose not to go partake in, you’re not missing out on anything by not being at OP8.

Well, we don’t know that yet. If the rumour is true, for all we know you’ll have level 80+ OP8 making the current OP8 loot level 80 and giving us access to level 88 gear. A good argument for why I doubt this, it throws off the scaling. Now, if this is the case, OP8 players aren’t going to be happy just sitting at level 80.

If, however, these levels are essentially replacing OP levels, well that’s just an insult to the playerbase, so I’m not buying it either way.

The scaling from 72 to OP8 is quite extreme, this would throw off the balance of the game. Not to mention eight more skill points.


I’m not crazy about it, but it’s whatever. I haven’t been playing much lately so if it’s something to do for the next 3 months, that’s fine.

I definitely won’t go crazy with grinding for gear since the new games coming out anyway.


Just a reminder that this is all conjecture. Some of you are getting wound up about something that we don’t have any facts about. So there’s little point in arguing/complaining about it until we know what we’re dealing with.


the gear I have on my 2 Maya’s, Axton and Gaige is few years old already xd
My Pimp: ,Mr. Traj I don’t feel so good"

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