Do NOT! Update Battleborn with the PS4 NEO specs

As of right now Battleborn is 1080p with a locked FPS at 30. If the game does receive a “NEO” mode post launch and fps is increased then people who own the new PS4 will be at a significant advantage since they’ll be at 60fps going against ppl who play at 30fps. If it does receive the NEO treatment I hope it’s just a graphical upgrade

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Yes but “and i do not know how true this is” there is rumoured to be cross platform compatability in the works which means they will be worse off against definitely PCs I have no idea how well the XBone runs it I am guessing at 30.

I don’t remember there being an enforced distinction between PC players who run the game at 720p 30 fps and those who play at 1440p 120 fps.

So why should there be one for PS4?


Hahaha, it’s like it’s a gamebreaking issue. This has been happening for some time now and I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say “Yeah, well if you were running at 30 fps I would have wrecked you!!”

It’s true it should be addressed in some way in my humble opinion

Isn’t the so called ‘NEO’ thing still just a rumor? Dumb, dumb move by Sony if they do that IMHO.

It’s more than rumor if the CEO is talking about it. It is dumb in my opinion and most of us won’t just go out and buy a new PS4 for 4k. I have a 4k tv and won’t do it lol. I already paid $400 for a console not more than 2 years ago. Not gonna do it again so quick.

Interesting. Most likely part of a strategy to sell more Sony 4K TVs. Dumb.

Meh. It wont change anything.
Also, wasn’t the NEO thing just a rumor at best?

At this point its still a rumor but I am in the other camp, if its true please patch this game to NEO mode.

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Gamers often like to attribute more things to FPS than are actually affected by FPS.

If they do patch it to NEO mode then I just hope it’s just a graphical upgrade

I think it’s premature to talk about how games will run on Neo - or whatever Sony ends up calling it - compared to the current PS4. Wait at least until the hardware is released. I certainly would expect developers and Sony to make sure the Neo gave no competitive advantage (or disadvantage).

Sony has formally told developers they must create future games suitable for the current PS4 as well as the PS4Neo. The newer version of the console isn’t designed to replace what you already have, it is designed to give new buyers - and those with deeper pockets that want better hardware - an updated experience. Your existing PS4 console will be good for just as long as it would be if no new version of a PS4 was ever released.

For those unaware, some features in games can be tied to frame rates. A well-known example among Dark Souls 2 players is that weapons degraded faster on a PC playing at 60fps than when locked at 30fps. So, frame times can be used for game timings in some ways. I expect this is generally less of an issue with modern consoles because there is more demand for higher frame rates and so good reason not to lock games to a specific rate. Given this, I would expect no issue playing Battleborn competitively on either version of the PS4 because none of Battleborn’s in-game timings will be associated with frame rates. I could, of course, be wrong.

You do realize that the neo cant output 4k 60fps right?

Its just 1080 60fps, and apparently only some things at that

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Yeah it can only play UHD blu-ray in native 4K, not gaming.