Do Omega Strike & Kill Switch benefit from Explosive Boosts?

The description of Kill Switch says “with explosive effect”. Therefore, I assume it gets boosted by +explosive damage (Howitzer, Duality Kit) and tripled by a target being frozen, right?
But what about Omega Strike? Is this also explosive damage and therefore gets these boosts?
I haven’t found anything on the forums. Has anybody tested this or knowledge of this? I am not able to go and check for myself right now and I’ve been thinking about some changes to my standard CoE build; leaving the tried and trusted trails, you know?

Thanks in advance!

  • No BAR
  • No gear unless I say
  • Spec below


Kiil Switch

Base = 555k

Howitzer = 555k

Cryo = 1666k

Omega Strike

Base = 69417

Howitzer = 69417

Cryo = 208k


  • The Howitzer com doesn’t boost KS and OS.
  • A cryo DoT does boost KS and OS.

Thanks, man! Though the outcome is not what I was hoping for, I really REALLY like the way you answer those questions around here: Efficient and easy to understand.

Much appreciated!

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Thanks I try. A good reputation will only get you so far, personally even if one of the game developers were to answer a question that I had, I’d still want a concrete answer like this. So like the old saying goes… “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

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In general pets don’t get boosts unless said boosts are pet-specific (e.g. Rolling Thunder) or universal/team boosts (e.g. Laser Guided).

Didn’t realize Killswitch radius was that big. That’s cool.

And you’re doing just that. Great work and support!

I tried and tried to get Kill Switch …to actually KILL something.

Gave up…

To me…wasted point. I guess it might be OK if the target were frozen. Still think the point is better spent in Rolling Thunder.

Same with Scramble…so what if I can get Wolf a second time…Wolf never seems to die.

5/5 of Rolling Thunder starts to KILL things with a few stacks. And if you lit the target with Laser Guided…you now have MORE Wolf and Saint and MORE stacks and MORE kills…and you can stretch the cycle with large mobs almost indefinitely.

This is all just my opinion…not gospel. If you like Kill Switch and Scramble…have at it.

The thing is: I don’t even like kill switch. It may have its place in an Overcharge canceling build. But I would have liked it to get boosted by a Howitzer com. That’s why I asked in the first place.
And Omega Strike is just not good enough for a capstone since it doesn’t even get boosted by Rolling Thunder. As for RT, I did employ it quite heavily and successfully while running CoE Com but I was looking for a change. That’s why I was looking into the Howitzer Com and Scorcher (together with Tannis’ Laser). I really like Wilhelm and the challenge he puts up as he is definitely sub-par equipped skillwise.

The Howitzer Com is really good…offensively.

Unfortunately I can’t come up with a build using it where I live a long time…LOL It lacks some defensive skills that really help Wilhelm to survive.

And unfortunately, I agree with your assessment. At end game and Level 70, you are really forced into a pretty narrow path of:
Freeze and Chuck
or Freeze and Explode

But BL2 is similar.

At end game…Axton is forced into being primarily an explosive Commando or a Bee user.

But even Axton has some very fun and fairly survivable Blue coms that can add to variety a bit. Grenadier, Chaotic Evil and Chaotic Neutral…I mean a Blue Grenadier/Fastball build on Axton at OP8 is just…FUN!, at least in my opinion.

With Wilhelm…It’s mainly Chronicleer of Elpis or the Celestial…or a Blaster Com if you want to live dangerously.

True and I fully agree with you. But since I play mostly with my wife (Explosive Clappy or Wilhelm) I do have some sort of safety net. So I feel like branching out and trying the less popular but more offensively focused builds.
I stll think Gearbox could’ve buffed Wilhelm just a little without hurting the game’s balance. So I guess I’m rolling with out Howitzer now.

I’m thinking that with the new Snipers that were released…especially the ease of getting Wet Weeks in all elements and all levels…

An Aurelia might be easy to level up and quite fun.

Oh she is. Wilhelm is my main and when I was getting bored from running CoE or Celestial all day long I switched to her, leveling her to 58. In mobbing she is easy mode and puts up a challenge for some bosses which I like. For Coop, she ist just excellent. Especially when paired with either a Claptrap or a Wilhelm.
And that I leveled Jack to 57, and then Nisha to 58 and Clappy to 56. I really like all of the VHs in this game except for Athena who is a little tedious iif you plan on going CS. I would have like her melee to be stronger. I don’t like hybrid builds all that much.

Now that I’ve talked about Aurelia, I will have a look at Sniper Willy. Maybe Eridian Vanquisher with Wet Weeks …

I think Scamble is a good 1 point skill. But only one point. Wolf doesn’t die often. But on those rare occasions when he does, it’s helpful to get him back in the fight right away.

Even at 4/5 like I have it, Rolling Thunder is still pretty good. Scramble gets the other point for that tier.

Thanks but I know that. That is how I actually roll except for Scramble as Wolf never died on me during several playthroughs except bosses where scramble is not really helpful as he just gets destroyed a second time.
But I was lookibg for new ways to play Wilhelm because I really like him. I just can’t come up with a build that “leaves the common paths”, delivers enough damage while still being defensive enough to stay alive.
Seems like I have to make a multi-purpose build where I can just switch out the Com and Oz Kit to adapt to the situation, playstyle and mood.
Switching to/fro Celestial, Scorcher, Blaster, Howitzer …

It wasn’t really my cup of tea, but you can try overcharge chaining. You get great use out of Killswitch and Zero Hour. Unfortunately, you also lose out on Rolling thunder and Laser Guided. It’s different though, so maybe that’ll be up your alley.

Thanks for suggesting that. That it was I was rolling with before I went with the CoE build. I actually liked that as this gives a nice burst to FR and ammo regen, enabling even mobbing with a Quad and the like. On UVHM though, I find Willy lacking in the damage department. Therefore, I am not really willing to give up Laser Guided.
On second thought though: Going with a glitched Quad or Flayer sounds appealing and may be even viable for Bosses … Did you go with a Celestial back tben?

I used the Eridian Vanquished for the boost to Heatsinks, M&M, and decent DPS skills.

Ok, I see. I always though that 10/5 in Aux Tanks was necessary actually for an OC canceling build to work. 5/5 in combination with Rapid Reinforcements and/or Escalation should work, too.
I just might give this a spin. I remember back when I was leveling I used this quite a bit and liked it for being able to exploit ammo hungry weapons, espcecially for bosses. Combined with First to Fight and heavy crit pounding with, say, an elemental matched Machine should bring down them bosses pretty quick (or at least get rid of their shields and a sizable chunk of their health pool).