Do op8 skills transfer to the Vita while retaining the op8 power?

As Commando, it seems like my op8 turret dishes out hell, but when transferring to Vita (that never got UVH upgradr pack 2) it greatly diminishes. Does anyone know if Maya’s op8 skill damage like Cloud Kill still have op8 power on the Vita? Weapon power sticks at least.

I wouldnt think so since they scale to the level of the game if I’m not mistaken

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Thanks! Wouldnt i want characters that have skills that boost weapons and splash such as Axton then, as opposed to characters that rely on action skills such as Gaige and Maya?

Op8 weapons vs lv 59-63 stuff. You shouldn’t have to worry about min maxing at all


But say i did, do you think Axton woyld be the strongest character for transfering? Maya seems close, but so much of jer damage comes from the Cat tree, a lot of which would be stuck at level 61 hardly doing anything .

Well axton doesn’t have any ranked skills so he’s a good choice. When I play Maya the only “ranked skill” I use is CK and its good no matter what lvl u r. I do go all the way to ruin in the cat tree btw

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So in terms of being overall the strongest when transferring, do you think Axton is the best due to all the buffs to his op8 guns? Thank you SO much for this help, by the way.

I couldn’t say honestly there the 2 best mobbing characters IMHO. Axton is my main and he’s very good I can 1 shot most things at op8 so at 61 you’d be a god and Maya is insane to with phaselock and reaper u would 1 shot everything and be a massive tank with her middle tree. Your welcome for the help