Do people only use 1 VH?

I mained Amara. Then built a Zane. Been loving him. Thinking about starting a Moze.

BL1 was a Roland main. Then realized I couldn’t beat Craw with him legitimately. Built a Lilith. She was my endgame toon.

Pre-sequel. Nisha to original end game.
Then Athena. No more talk about this game.

BL2 I was Axton main. Built a Sal to end game but didn’t like him. Got a Zero to about level 40 and didn’t care for him either. Axton was my horse.


You have me completely lost about this, in no part of that excerpt did I mention anything about VH’s and this is twice you have brought it up, so lets put that to bed.

The cost of a VH yes the cosmetics no, you can easily check out the pricing of them online, I have seen the 9.99 branded around, I would imagine it would be in the region of that pricing

Don’t fully understand the comparison you are making between VH and cosmetics here, but OK. The ‘cost’ GBX is most likely worrying about (since it will determine their ROI) is not how much they plan to charge for it - that’s 9.99 in your example, price of a new VH. Cost to you, revenue to them.

Their ‘cost’ is development effort (mostly): how many coders/designers/PMs need to work on new VH and be paid for it. Won’t be surprised if cosmetics have huge profit margins just because of that: easy to create, more people are likely to buy (.99 is easy to find in a pocket).


Which one would make the more money in the long term ?

Well maybe I’m in the minority, I dont waste money on not getting value for it, like a new shiny outfit to make me look prettier, that doesn’t alter anything game changing and you can barely see it 90% of the time in this game.

Think you’re right about that dead horse, god forbid they would have to work to give the community what they wanted, and work through all the bugs/performance issues, there is no profit in that but guess what “they do it because it needs to be done”

I will admit that I’m also not inclined to drop real money on purely cosmetic items. But obviously enough people do to make it worthwhile for game developers generally to do this as many of the games in my library list cosmetic extras in the ‘additional content’ section on the relevant store. Horse armour, anyone?


Great topic.

I started with FL4K and took it to level 50 and Mayhem 3. I started Amara and got her to level 23. Now I’m back going through TVHM with FL4K so I can get a shield I must have deleted (radiation one). I’ll eventually run the other 2 through the story but I play slow so it might take awhile.

People run through content way too fast IMO and I can’t believe they get much out of it by doing so. I still manage to play 5-8 hours per day but I guess the reason I’m not further along in BL3 is due to playing other games in-between. I guess I’m definitely not a one game only person like some of my Destiny buddies are, hahahahahaha!!!


Thanks buddy :+1: you sound like you have the right balance going on there, mixing things up with different games and keeping bl3 fresh, hope you get lucky with your shield :wink: and cheers for the feedback

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Pretty much sums it up


Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t make them wrong.

Being wrong makes them wrong (which he was, and you are as well). You two have both completely ignored what I’ve been saying. Instead, you are inserting your own premise to craft a different basis for argument. That is what you are both wrong about. I actually agree with you on YOUR premise; new content should take priority over a new VH.

For the last time, in the most basic way I can explain it, my one and only argument is this:
If GB says no to ABC based on statistical data they have cherry-picked, then they should also apply the same reasoning to XYZ using the same data parameters, when both ABC and XYZ are closely related. Or in this specific case, interchangeable.

For example: GB says that they won’t eat cheese because they are lactose intolerant. They are telling you this as you watch them drink a glass of milk. The “lactose” in this analogy is equivalent to the statistical data I cited in my first post.

All that being said, I would much rather see meaningful content that is free with the purchase of the base game before seeing a new purchasable VH. But that’s not the argument I was making (although you seem to think it was). If you don’t get what I’m saying at this point, I give up lol. All I can say is that public discourse is not constructive if people are arguing against ideas that are not even being made in the first place. Hopefully most folks can agree on that at least.


and I’m saying I strongly disagree with your assertion that they have cherry picked data. Which I have also stated before but apparently it’s OK for you not to read responses properly?

So no, I don’t accept that you can state we are wrong when your own premise is simply an opinion. An opinion I don’t happen to agree with. And as stated before it’s fine to disagree but that in itself doesn’t make you right. Or me wrong.


No one outside of Gearbox knows exactly what data they have. Therefore, no one outside of Gearbox can say whether or not they have cherry-picked from that data.

The main argument in this thread seems to come down to: should Gearbox make decisions based on the games of those who post here, or draw their conclusions from a much larger pool of information. :man_shrugging:


I use all four of them - grinded the story just so I could try each of them.

However…I don’t use Moze anymore. Fl4k I only use for farming graveward and Amara has been for raids and slaughter caverns. I don’t fight against mobs at all…as for Zane? He got some buffs but I still don’t use him even though he’s my absolute favourite ;-;


with all 4 of my BL3 toons to 50. I have full plans to play with each, I have gear, guns and mods for each, I have spent time researching how to play them and best builds etc… I plan in my head to play them, turn on the xbox and just play Amara.


I’m saying I strongly disagree with your assertion that they have cherry picked data

Ok, you can disgree with me on whether or not they cherry-picked data now if you like, that’s fine. But you originally responded to my first post injecting your own premise about the “new VH vs new story” debate (which, again, I wasn’t arguing at all). That’s the only thing you were wrong about. And I’m not saying your opinion on the cherry-picking matter was wrong. Of course we can disagree on opinions lol. Yikes dude.

I agree. GB should release the data so that we know what they’ve cherry-picked. Knowledge is power! :slight_smile:

Gearbox is a business. If their data told them that the path to best profit included new VHs, we’d see more.

I have 5 at 50. One of each leveled solo, plus a second Amara leveled couch co-op. I was basically co-maining Zane and Amara until the DLC. Since then, Zane has been my most played by a huge margin. I did make it a point to really work on my Fl4k play this past week, and worked out a build to get through the takedown solo, as well as breeze through slaughter shaft, trial of fervor, etc. That turned out to be a lot of fun. Back to Zane now, though.


It sure does, happens with every game I play!

I USED to be an all offline player. That is for BL1 and BL2 (2 at first, at launch, but I did eventually see the light of playing with friends!) I wonder like you how that is figured in. Quite often, mostly early wee hours of the morning I’m online playing, but “appear offline”. The game, I THINK I noticed, then treats you as offline. That is in respect to hotfixes & updates. They didn’t appear to be updated the one time I thought to look into this. Anyone happen to know how appearing offline effects updates and hotfixes? And if you are counted as offline a ton of my data would be missing. I play all VHs but usually I play just 2 to the fullest extent.


I tried them all and got them all to 50 but play amara 99.9% of the time. She is just my style and I find her the most fun in general so what could go wrong? Zane is cool as well but not quite the same.

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I’m only using one VH (Amara). I’m invested in getting better weapons/gear but not that much invested in levelling up more characters.

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