Do player skins really drop from the Tiny Destroyer?

Must have killed it 100 times and not one skin.

I dont about skins but i did get a legendary health regenerating oz kit from him.

Yes, I’ve gotten Nisha’s and Jack’s (a couple times) as well as its designated legendary oz kit drop on occasion. It’s a tedious run to be sure. Try killing it and X-STLK-23 (which also has a green-rarity skin drop) in the same run if possible. If I haven’t gotten a drop from either in a dozen runs I usually do a complete system shutdown and then try another dozen times. It’s probably superstition but it helps break up the monotony. Be sure to search Mini Destroyer’s room carefully as well as the room outside. I’ve seen items stuck between the computer consoles directly in front of him and also shot straight out of the room to where the group of stalkers roam around. Good luck!

Finally got it thanks!