Do rad explosions proc vampyr?

Question in the title. The explosion portion of a rad kill. Does that count towards vampyr or any of mozes splash bonuses?

Pretty sure Vampyr is strictly tied to grenade damage, so radiation explosions wouldn’t count, even if the grenade had that element.

For the others I’m not so sure. I’ve played a splash build before, but not extensively enough to know.

Won’t proc Vampyr as thats only grenades. Will proc Means of Destruction though.

I’ve seen it proc means of destruction. That much I’m sure if. So I’m pretty sure it will proc all splash related bonuses. Yes I’m aware of what vampyr says. I was curious because I’ve seen vampyr both proc and not proc for things that you would think it wouldn’t and would respectively. So for example we all know that it doesn’t proc for storm front or quasar. Both thrown grenades. It DOES proc for tediore MIRVs. I believe it procs for jerichos mortar mode as well as things like Scourge rocket launcher etc (id have to test that) it procs off of grenades and rockets from auto bear. At least the grenades it does.

I also have a feeling bear himself in its little kamikaze move - i did see it crit once…

I guess the long story short version of this is. Could I get some help and testing Rad? Just to be sure? As we have discussed above they are always wonky procs happening with moze. And while I believe that you guys are correct that it probably doesn’t I’m a little OCD in that I want to test it anyway. I’ve been testing myself. I just find that with tediore chucks it’s kinda hard to tell because of the way it sort of indiscriminately targets mobs.