Do Refund Tokens replenish?

So a couple months ago I bought some skins for characters I didn’t really use that much so used all 3 of the refund tokens
to get skins for some characters I do use. I was wondering do they replenish cause I did the same thing again

I noticed how it said “Insufficient refund tokens ‘at this time’”

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As far as i know, no; i haven’t seen any new info saying that the “3 refunds only” system is being changed either. I COULD be wrong though…

I didn’t even know those were a thing. Good job Gearbox

Why didn’t I know this was a thing. That’s awesome

I thought they would after buying more plats… But no. :confused:

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Yeah man really came in hand lol

well ■■■■, well @JoeKGBX can you replenish these please i really want to take bad my excessive spending. I only need 3 tokens