Do some devs play on PS4?

I played a match against “GbBatleborn016” and I was like, wait a minute… Did this guy make a new PSN account solely for Battleborn? Not likely, as you have to pay for a PS+ subscription to play online so unless this was someone new to PS4 who really loved Battleborn… Or, are there sneaky devs playing on PS4? Anyway, we deliberately targeted this person and we won the game quite convincingly, just in case :slight_smile: If this was a dev, sorry for your bad experience as we were in a full party and he/she was only rank 2 matched with randoms :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen multiple people now with Battleborn names…
Whether Battleborn is in it, or Solus, even someone whom was an Ambra quote ‘solar sphere’…
Coincidence, devs, people whom bought a ps+ account souly for Battleborn (after playing the beta), or made a seperate psn on a shared ps4 system with a ps+ account (as you only need 1 ps+ set an the primary for all users to access online content)?
It’s very curious indeed!

And congrats on your win :wink:

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I remember a “Solus” name too, but that may have just been a coincidence so I didn’t really think about it until I saw the one I mentioned in this post… Hopefully we get some answers on this thread!

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I got a PS4 just to play BB… But I didn’t think of getting a BB name! Damn…

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My money would be on this.

But, I reckon you’ll be playing alongside people that work for gearbox at times, they’ve spent ages working on the game, they’ll be in there seeing people enjoy the result of their hard work. I can imagine it must be one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

Do feel sorry for the poor person who did setup a BB style username tho, he must have been thinking WTF! with you all mercilessly targeting him :grinning:


that was the first thing that came to my mind aswell