Do some perks not work for all guns?

I am not sure if I am encountering a bug, or if there are guns that some perks do not effect or not. Basically, my FL4K has 60% chance of Leave No Trace, so it triggers fairly often. However, I notice on some weapons it doesn’t seem to trigger at all.

For example, the legendary, Wagon Wheel, ive tried it many many clips through, using fade away to insure crits, as well as just aiming for crits, and ive yet to see a single bullet go back into my clip no matter what (Which is unfortunate since itd be a gun that benefits greatly from it.)

Am I missing something? Are there individual guns that are not working properly? Or do some not work with certain perks?


Works just fine for me on the wagon wheel.
LnT has a short cooldown of 0.3 seconds before it can reactivate, on a fast firing gun with a low mag you probably will never make back more than 2 bullets so if you’re fanning that hammer you really won’t notice the increase.

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Just went and tested on Kevins in Sanctuary to be positive before I commented. LNT does indeed proc with the Wagon Wheel.

Weird. I purposefully slowed my ROF way way down to make sure I could see procs on it. I didn’t see any at all. Well, thanks then, im not sure why. Ill have to try it again tonight. I am aware of the small cooldown, which is why I slowed how fast I shot to verify procs, but I still wasn’t seeing any.

Thanks for the replies!

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