Do stickies keep annointment bonuses once the weapon is swapped to trigger stickes to explode?

I have a shock redline I like to use to rip Wotans double shield phase. It’s unannointed and I was about to start farming for a 160 splash version of the redline but then I thought that might be a waste of time, since I don’t reload to trigger the stickies to explode - I swap to another weapon.

Would swapping to another weapon effectively nullify the 160 splash annointment?


Yeah swapping should be nullifying your anointment. Though I haven’t checked it so I can’t be certain. Though from everything I’ve seen on Stickies you should lose it by swapping.

Yes, like prismatic said swapping weapons does effectively nullify the annointment bonus, fun fact the first sticky get the bonus but not the others.

You can switch the firing mode to detonate the stickies and keep the bonus.

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So even if I switch modes, you’re saying only the first sticky would get the annointment bonus?

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no, that only happens if you swap weapons.

if you switch modes all the stickies get the bonus.

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Oh ok, thanks for that explanation. Guess I’ll go look for other gear

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I guess the moral of the story is don’t switch unless you are crit swapping with an unforgiven.