Do Sticky Crossfires exists?

I’ve been sitting and farming the Crater Seraph Vendor for must’ve been a half hour for a sticky homing slag crossfire, to no avail. I’ve noticed I haven’t seen any sticky Crossfires, period. Looking on the wiki, it reads that the Crossfire is compatible with all delivery methods.

So, are they real, or they figments of my imagination?

According to Helsabot’s guide to gibbed items the Crossfire cannot spawn with “Homing Sticky, Lobbed Sticky, and Longbow Sticky” delivery methods.

Never trust the wiki mate.

The wiki is almost always completely reliable. This is the first I’ve heard of it being incorrect. Also, the Wiki has been updated.

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Without citing any references, a sticky prefix would be counterintuitive to the bouncing aspect of a bouncing betty type grenade. Just my personal opinion.