Do terror anoints only work with Blood Harvest enabled?

I am using the “shoots terror skulls after Grasp” and it works fine (without me actually being terrified) with BH enabled but does nothing when it is disabled.
Is that intentional? Because if it is it would be pointless to go for terror gear…

That does sound odd. I have a Transformer shield with “On shield break apply terror to self” that was working before the updates. I am not 100% sure if I have used it since then, though - I’ll check it out and update.

Edit: it was an ASE and it did work with events disabled. Looking at the responses below, you might want to try getting something similar.

I’ve never been able to get that annointment to work period. Figured it was bugged. Sounds like it’s still an issue.

You need to be under terror for phasegrasp skull anointment.
More terror you have the bigger bonus, all terror gear works like that.

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It seems to work when I am not terrified at all as long as the Bloody Blood Harvest is active. ( I might test again)
But the point is, if I can not get terrified without BH on, how are the anoints supposed to work?

As I mentioned, you can get gear that applies terror to self (like the shield I have); this works outside Bloody Harvest just fine. That would then enable the phasegrasp skull anointment.

On a related note, you said that the anointment appeared to be working with BH disabled. Are you sure the skull you are seeing is from the phasegrasp anoint and not something else? There’s gear that can spawn skulls too, as a part of normal function. (IIRC the Soulrender AR; there’s obviously the Ghast Call grenade mod as well. There may be others?)

The Boogeyman sniper from Arms Race also summons a skull on occasion

No, I said it was working with BH on but me not terrified.
But as I said as well, I might have to test again, but that was my impression. It might well be possible that the screen effect was missing or not noticeable and I was terrified.
I definitely didn’t us other skull generating gear, I know those.

The hint I needed was that there is gear that applies terror to me with BH disabled.
Which shield are you using? Is it the scream of terror? Because I tried this and it didn’t terrify anyone. Or is there also an anoint that applies terrified to self for other gear?

Yes, I know the Boogeyman, on of the guns I dump after arms race… :smiley:

It happened to be a Transformer. The effect is specifically from the anointment rather than the shield though: “On action skill end apply terror to self”. I believe there are a number of items that can spawn with that anointment. I don’t remember where I got this one from - it’s been in the hand-me-downs for a while now - but it probably dropped during a previous BH event.

OK, that basically answers my question, thanks :slight_smile:
I will have to look out for this kind of stuff then.

Every shield/grenade that can be anointed can spawn with ASE terror generator during BH active, or re-roll vendor.

Have been under the effect of terror, and still no skulls. Had an entire Amara build for it with an apply terror on action skill activate annointed shield. Still no skulls when activating grasp while terrified. Dropped the grasp skull items and moved on to other terror effects, which worked well.

It’s Action Skill End, not start. I can’t verify but thats how it works, you need to be under terror.
If you can post a video.

Got rid of all that gear last year and moved on to another build. Hence my faulty memory on action skill end vs start. :smile: Will have to refarm and see if the issues still persist.

ASE Terror works really well with a Rakk Attack FL4K. Actually a bit too well for my liking, since I’m not a fan of the effect (too much visual clutter at the best of times!)

The visual clutter is pretty bad even worse is the sound effect that makes everyone sound like they are on a early 2000 flip phone going trought a tunnel. My favorite FL4K build was RakkOlantern FL4K with the stuff like ammo regen, bonus projectiles and crit damage.

I really wish Gearbox had found a better way to display Terror like green goop floating up from your character arm.

Agreed. The sound effects get on my nerves after a while as well, which makes it doubly difficult - extremely glad I only needed to use that shield for a short time while levelling up a couple of characters.

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