Do Terror effects on Guns remain as long as equipped? And will these guns still be relevant post event?

Some things Im genuinely curious about.

Im not well versed in how the effects of the guns text work. I know that will normal weapons when they have text the effects only work on that gun when it is currently being used. But with weapons that have orange text like the Annointed or Terror weapons, Im not too familiar with them. I dont have many annointed weapons, and those I do have I dont really use. So are the effects static and remain on the character as long as they are equipped, or do you have to be currently using them for their effects to activate? Im mainly asking because Ive heard of something called Effect Swapping? Where people shoot with one gun then immediately switch to another for its effect. Like if you shot a rocket, you switched then to a gun mid flight that maybe had a huge crit bonus so when it hits, it deals damage with that crit bonus on the gun currently being used. And I just got a Terror Pistol that deals bonus cryo damage when in that that Terror state, but the pistol itself has no elements. So it is static across all guns while equipped, or do I have to do that swapping thing?

Also, will there be a way to apply Terror and still use the guns after the event, or will they be rendered useless??

Although I haven’t tested it, I would assume that Anointed effects are only meant to apply when you are holding that weapon in your hand. I’m guessing the same applies to Terror.

The Terror mechanic should still be relevant after Bloody Harvest ends, because some items apply Terror to your character while other items give you bonuses based on how much Terror your character is being affected by.

the way to get the best out of the terror effects after the event is probably to equip a self terror after action skill item, in either of the two passive slots (grenade/Shield tested and they do effect every wep with the effects), you can then choose one of the better perks for the other. This offers longevity and a practical application after the event. Example self fear + a 15% damage and fire rate that’s a big overall dps lift for some of the higher weps, or health regen which would kick in after your skill goes off when your most vulnerable, or crit again when you need a passive boost after your talents are down raising your overall dps, bye the way does the elemental boost artefact boos Terror to ?

Terror is a debuff not an elemental effect, so no sorry

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brilliant thanks for clearing that up for me

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